Samsung to offer BBM in Samsung App store for all GALAXY Smartphone devices

5th August, 2013 – Today, Samsung has announced that the upcoming BBM™ app will be available in the Google Play and the Samsung App store soon and available to all Samsung GALAXY smartphone consumers across Africa. Says George Ferreira, VP and COO of Samsung Electronics Africa: “At Samsung we are all about collaboration, innovation and […]


BBM Channels updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry has released a new beta build of BBM Channels for BlackBerry 10 and legacy BlackBerry devices. This updated adds a ton of new features and enhancements for the Channels portion of the BBM. Below you will see the full change log. You can add our BBM Channel using the barcode below or by using […]

BBM for Android and iOS hits BlackBerry Beta Zone for select users

It seems that we may be very close to BBM for Android and iOS going public.  It seems that select users have received invitations to give a beta version of the cross-platform BBM a go.  We assume that this means that BBM will very shortly be available for any user on Android and iOS. Thorsten […]

Secret Pictures for BBM, SnapChat like App for BlackBerry 10

So if you are slightly jealous of iOS and Android users and thier ability to use the cool secret picture sharing app, known as SnapChat (other than sideloading it) well now you can enjoy the same features securely using BBM on your BlackBerry 1o device. Secret Pictures for BBM™ is the only app that securely allows you […]

Separate out BBM Group Notifications Headed to OS 10.2

Michael Clewley is a it again this time he let all of us know via his BBM Channel (Pin: C00014277) that OS 10.2 will bring “separate out BBM Group Notifications from standard chats” which is a huge thing for all of us. He is always posting great informative info on Blackberry 10.2. Another refinement coming […]

Pump up the noise with Sounds for BBM on BlackBerry 10

If you are looking to add some more features to BBM, you are going to want to check out Sounds for BBM in BlackBerry World.  The Sounds for BBM app allows you to share audio clips with your BBM contacts, ranging from animal sounds and city noises to famous video clips. The app is free […]

BBM Channels Updated in the Beta Zone – Chat now available!

UPDATE: The BBM Channel owner must enable the chat option so others can chat with you. This is done in the chat itself. BlackBerry has released a new update for BBM Channels, this update adds the much anticipated chat feature as well as other additions. Below you will see the full change log for all […]

BlackBerry India MD – BBM Coming to Android in September

Ever since BlackBerry World 2013, people have been speculating on the dates as to when BBM would arrive for iOS and Android. BlackBerry has stated that this would happen by the end of the summer. Well, during the BlackBerry Q5 launch event on India, Sunil Lalvani, managing director of BlackBerry India made the following remark: […]

Service has been restored for BBM Channels

Over the weekend you may or may not have noticed but BBM Channels was acting a bit wonky with service interruptions. Well, BlackBerry has sent out a message to everyone on the BBM Channels beta program letting them know that service has been fully restored. Below you will find the email from BlackBerry on this […]

Indonesian Goverment Proposing Fine for BBM Outages.

Indonesia is contemplating accessing a 10 cent per user fine to BlackBerry for any and all future BBM outages if the service cannot be restored in 4 hours or less.  If that fine comes to be that shakes out to about 1.5 million USD for each incident.  15 Million subscribers in Indonesia can be a […]

Fake Android BBM App Pulled from Google Play

Well this was just a matter of time before some yahoo published a BBM application to Google Play. A recent article from CNET states that the app was downloaded ore than 100,000. Along with the application download came a fake BBM Android start screen, it was called “blackberry messenger bbm” created by developer called “RIM”. […]

The UK Likes BBM The Most

Acision the global messaging leader research specialists, did sms messaging research for both the UK and the USA. They found that the UK preferred BBM to all other messaging platforms. While BBM is preferred in the UK, in the US it didn’t fair as well because SMS is the favored one. What Acision said in […]

BBM Channels updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry has released an update tho their BBM Channels in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. This update brings a slew new additions, below you will see the full change log! You can add our channel by using this Pin: C000F0BF2 or by scanning the below bar code. New Features include:  Search for Channels – Within the […]

BlackBerry to Add Sponsored Invites to BBM Channels

Ever since BlackBerry Live, we have been hearing a lot on the BBM Channels as well as how BBM will be going cross-platform. Well it seems as though BlackBerry will begin adding “Sponsored Invites” to BBM Channels. BlackBerry published a survey in the BlackBerry Beta Zone on the “Sponsored Invites” below is what they had […]

Leaked/Extracted: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v10.2.0.12 Bar File from OS 10.2 – UPDATED

UPDATE: We have just loaded the BBM .BAR file on our Q10 and Z10 all seems to be great! All contacts and BBM Channels are there and intact. lbfe has just published a download link for an updated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) v10.2.0.12 .Bar file. This .Bar file was extracted from BlackBerry OS! This version […]

BlackBerry Hiring Director of Media Sales for BBM Channels

BlackBerry is looking to hire a new director over media sales for new social network BBM Channels. BBM Channels is a new social networking feature within BBM that provides dedicated messaging streams to brands and users. Express yourself with BBM Channels. Create, edit & publish in an instant. Or connect to the people, communities and brands you love – […]

“8 Reasons BlackBerry Owners Get It Done” according to VerizonInsider

There is no doubt that BlackBerry has traditionally been the phone of choice for business customers.  And in saying that, typically BlackBerry owners are always on the go and use their devices to get things done.  Well the VerizonInsider has put together a list of 8 reasons why BlackBerry owners get it done, and as […]

UPDATED: BBM Launching on iOS and Android on June 27th

UPDATE: BlackBerry has now said that T-MobileUK’s  Tweet from their Twitter account “is not inaccurate.” Well this is interesting news, according to a tweet from T-Mobile UK: “Great news – BlackBerry Messenger will be available to download on iOS and Android from June 27th! #BBM“. This is great news but still nothing has been […]

Upcoming BlackBerry OS 10.2 Comes With Some New Features And Updates

The last few days there have been a bunch of releases of OS 10.1. Now there is talk of 10.2 and what is to come. Since it is unconfirmed by BlackBerry, we should take it with a grain of salt. Although the features/updates seem reasonable and feasible so it is likely to be true. What’s […]

Is BBM Coming To iOS And Android On June 27th?

New rumors are saying that BBM is coming to iOS and Android on June 27th. We know that BBM is coming to both platforms, we just didn’t know the when. Well we knew summer time, but that could have meant August. Either way, I am happy to see it become available to other platforms. Looks […]