Browser Speed Modulator by BBM Challenge Council

Mobile Link Amir and Streeter create another video taking on the myth that the BlackBerry browser is extremely slow for the BBM Challenge Council. With the help of Dax Shepard and the Browser Speed Modulator, Amir and Streeter put the BlackBerry Bold 9900 through endless amounts of tests on its browser. Hit the break for […]

Blackberry DO YOU? Commercial Hits UK in Wake Up Campaign!

Mobile Link We believe life’s made up of two kinds of people. Those content to go with the flow, and those who grab life with both hands. If you are someone who seizes opportunities, asks the questions, makes things happen, BlackBerry is designed for you. So the question is non-Blackberry users DO YOU? Thanks @fortneyland95

Hand Hammered Films Commercial – “It’s Not a Toy”

Pawel from Hand Hammered Films just reached out to me to let me know about their BlackBerry Commercial, “It’s Not a Toy”.  Hit the break for the video as well as more info from the producer Pawel.

Be Bold – Boldly Go Where No Campus Superstar has Gone Before!

RIM has realized the error of their ways in the past with little to advertising. Lately they have kicked their advertising up quite a few notches. RIM is sponsoring “Be Bold” a Canadian cross-campus competition.

Be Bold — BlackBerry Advocate, Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan shows off how Bold she is with her multi-tasking BlackBerry!

Be Bold — BlackBerry Advocates, Martinez Brothers

RIM is kicking butt with their “Be Bold” ad campaign! They have been piping out advertisement after advertisement. Hit the break and check out the new ad!

RIM Creates ‘A Better, Bolder 2012′ Infographic

Hello, #TeamBlackBerry at the USA’s biggest New Year’s Eve party – Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, sponsored by BlackBerry was great! RIM took well over 35,000 users, on Twitter with the hashtag #BeBold and now they have given us a nice infographic:

What better way to bring a in New Year’s Eve Party than Sponsored by BlackBerry

Hello, #TeamBlackBerry This year at the USA’s biggest New Year’s Eve party – Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, sponsored by BlackBerry®! Amd you can keep up with all of the events on Twitter with the hashtag #BeBold.