BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK beta being made available to certain developers

The one thing that we have been waiting for for PlayBook development is the native SDK from RIM.  It seems that certain developers have just now been given access to a beta version of the native SDK.  The chosen developers have received an email from RIM inviting them to download the SDK and start working […]


BBM Music Beta Trial Expired? How To Get It Going Again

For many of you who may currently have BBM Music, your trial period maybe coming to an end. But since BBM Music is still in beta you there is a workaround if you get an error when trying to upgrade your application. If you get this error message simply dismiss all the “upgrade to premium […]

Pinbook For Blackberry In Open Beta, Ready For Download

Pinbook was recently in Closed Beta, and thus only available to certain users. Now it has been put into Open Beta and is ready to download. To recap: Pinbook is not just one of those BBM connected apps we keep downloading and trying out, its more like a “REAL” BBM social app! The app connects […]

BlackBerry Payment Service SDK 1.5 Now Available!

RIM has just updated the BlackBerry Payment Service SDK 1.0 to a new version which adds a great extension to the SDK that we told you about back in January. The BlackBerry Payment Service SDK 1.5 enables developers to start offering subscription based services, auto-renewing subscriptions for apps and in-app digital goods. Which will be beneficial in use […]

RIM Introduces the Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook (Beta)

RIM has released the Citrix Receiver for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Citrix is in beta right now and can be downloaded in the Test Center on the App World.  The Citrix Receiver is enterprise virtualization software that allows users to access virtual desktops (such as Citrix® XenDesktop) on servers running Microsoft® Windows, plus enterprise applications hosted […]

Pinbook by S4BB Limited Enters Private Beta!

S4BB Limited has introduce in to private beta an application called Pinbook. Pinbook is not just one of those BBM connected apps we keep downloading and trying out, its more like a “REAL” BBM social app! The app connents to BBM and allows you to search through tons of possible BBM contacts! Pinbook™ Private BETA […]

Get KakaoTalk Beta for Blackberry, Compatible With OS5 And OS6 Devices

What is KakaoTalk? KakaoTalk is a downloadable software application for mobile devices that allows its users to send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice messages, URL links, and contact information, both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, all for free. To use the application, you only need to enter your phone number without […]

BeBuzz Beta Updated to v4.0.85

BeBuzz Beta has been updated v4.0.85 in Bellshare’s forum. The BeBuzz application lets you customize your BlackBerry’s LED and more! What’s New in v4.0.85? Added support for KakaoTalk Added support for ToDoMatrix Professional Potential fix for alert going off when filing messages/e-mails Potential fix for general SMS/contact SMS flashing at the same time on some […]

BBM Music Appears in App World – Still Requires a Key Code

If you were one of the lucky ones to get in on the closed beta then you are fully aware of what BBM Music will do, If not you can now download the app that we exclusively leaked last month. The only thing is once you download the app you can not use it, because […]

BlackBerry Messenger Updated to v6.0.1.15 in the Beta Zone

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone to v6.0.1.15. Please Note: If you’re currently testing BBM Music, please continue to use BBM v6.0.0.129 available from App World. What’s New?

Win 1 of 5 Invites to #BBM #Music Beta from @NerdBerry!!

We first leaked BBM Music info back on July 14th with this article: BBM Music App Coming soon! Since we hit that post on the head we decided to offer up 5 BBM Music invites for a giveaway! The rules are simple:  RT this post and tell us what your favorite song and or artist […]

BlackBerry Desktop Manager 7 Beta Screenshots

If you have been wondering what exactly the new Desktop Manager 7 for BlackBerry is going to look like, our friends over at Berryreview got some sent to them. There really doesn’t seem to be a huge overhaul to the UI compared to DM6, but does seem to be some new changes once you dive […]

RIM Launchs Closed Beta – Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS

RIM has let us know that the Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS has entered “Closed Beta.” Here is what they had to say about the Native SDK Beta: We wanted to let you know that today RIM is launching the beta of the Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS, which will allow game developers […]

App World 3.0 Updated to v3.0.0.59 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World 3.0 has been updated to v3.0.0.59 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. What’s New? UI changes to the background and app details screen Further improvements to speed and screen transitions Various bug fixes While not all issues were fixed in this build, the development team is working hard to ensure the top issues […]

BlackBerry Management Center Set to Launch in Mid-August

Most of you that are part of Beta Zone have seen the BlackBerry Management Center already, but for those of you who haven’t it is a way to manage all of the handsets without having to utilize and expensive BES server or the BlackBerry Protect software linking all of the units. This software is geared to small business […]

imo Releases multiprotocol IM client Beta v1.0 for BlackBerry

imo has release a beta version of their multiprotocol IM client for BlackBerry. The imo app includes the following services Imo, AIM, Yahoo!, Jabber, Gtalk, MSN, Myspace, Skype, Hyves and VKontakte. imo has had a web based app and has also had a mobile app on iPhone and Android. The app is currently free, but […]

Ticketmaster v2.0 Now Available in Blackberry Beta Zone!

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry Smartphones has been released in Blackberry Beta Zone today with a new UI, and a load of new features making the new application more personal, and a overall better experience. Allows users to purchase tickets from their BlackBerry smartphone Add events to calendar Set favorite artists and events Leverages geo functions to […]

BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing Updated to v1.0.0.41 in the Beta Zone

RIM has just updated BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing v1.0.0.41 (Bundle 40) in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. It appears that this updated is just for bug fixes and nothing more at this time. The last update was to v1.0.0.36 back on the 30th of June. New Download (Bundle 40) Now Available! A new beta version of BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Traffic Gets Updated v2.0.1.79 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

  BlackBerry Traffic has been updated to v2.0.1.79 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. According to Beta Zone “In this build we have fixed several connection issues reported and also made minor interface updates throughout the application. “ What’s New? Needless to say, we greatly appreciate the effort of our beta testers.  The feedback we received in […]

Awesome Photo Sharing Network Path Opens BlackBerry Beta

Mobile Link Path is a program that started out on Apple’s IOS and has enjoyed a rather successful following with I phone users. Now Path has decided to dive into the BlackBerry market and has opened the BlackBerry beta for their popular photo sharing application. There are quite a few different things that Path can […]