Use your Starbucks card on your BlackBerry 10 device with Coffee Companion

My good friend Tony Cresswell just let us know about his newest application for BlackBerry 10, Coffee Companion. Coffee Companion helps you to store your Starbucks card barcode in your phone and use it at any Starbucks location. Check out the full application description below and let us know what you think about the app […]

Print To Go, Now BlackBerry 10.2 Compatible

Print To Go is now BlackBerry 10.2 ready. Don’t worry about having a printer. This app lets you make digital print outs that you are able to send to your other BlackBerry devices. You can also print documents from your desktop. Handy to have as you can print out word documents to your phone that […]

Make More Movies With Special Effects On Your BlackBerry 10 Device With Movie VFX 2

Months ago we told you about Movie VFX, now Toysoft Development Inc has come out with part 2! This means more special effects for movies you’ve shot with your BlackBerry 10 phone. What’s included in this version? 1. UFO Attack 2. Air plane bomber 3. Exploding Humvee 4. Gun shots Demo videos are offered for […]

BlackBerry 10 & Robert Rodriguez – Episode II – Project Green Screen

BlackBerry is continuing with their Keep Moving Project series. BlackBerry teamed up with director Robert Rodriguez for another episode, this one being called Two Scoops. The videos are two parts. The first one is about Robert and story telling and also a person being a certain way to begin with but then they change. The […]

RIM Shows Off BlackBerry Hub at Consumer Electronics Show

Mobile Link One of the most welcome features that we are looking forward to that we have knowledge of is the new BlackBerry Hub feature! The awesome unified inbox allows you to quickly see all of your messaging and social application and more application to come with the opening of the BlackBerry Hub API. RIM was in attendance at CES 2013 to not only show off the capabilities of […]

Is Bell Canada Going To Start Pre Orders For Blackberry 10 on Dec 20th?

Rogers has started pre orders for Blackberry 10, is Bell next? It has not been confirmed by Bell Canada on an official level, but a Customer Service Rep is saying that Dec 20th is the day that Bell will start their pre orders.

Blackberry 10 Devices To Launch Not Long After Blackberry 10 Platform

With the announcement today of the Blackberry 10 platform launching January 30th 2013, many were left wondering when a device would follow. Good question! And the answer is 30 days after. This is confirmed by RIM’s COO Kristian Tear.