The First BBX Super Phone “BlackBerry Colt” Will Support 4G LTE

If your asking yourself will the first BBX super phone the “BlackBerry Colt” support 4G LTE? The answer is simple, yes the first BBX super phone will support 4G LTE! The BlackBerry Colt would be RIM’s first 4G LTE device.


Rumor: New mock up and potential specs for the first BBX BlackBerry “Superphone”

As you can see the title for this one starts with “rumor” so remember to take this all with a grain of salt.  According to N4BB the first BlackBerry BBX based superphone, the Colt, will potential resemble what you see in the pic.  The phone is expected to have a 1.2 GHz single core processor, […]

Rumor: RIM to Rush “BlackBerry Colt” QNX Device to Market?

Churning up out of the rumor mill, comes some news that Research In Motion maybe pushing the QNX OS Colt Blackberry Smartphone out sooner than expected. Slated for an early Q1 launch date currently, it seems that according to BGR, RIM is planning to release the QNX OS device in midst of the new Blackberry OS 7 devices. […]

Is it real or fake?: Leaked BlackBerry “Colt” Image – The First QNX BlackBerry?!?!?!?

So I thought about posting this article and not posting this article for one reason, the image above looks to be a fake to me. None the less we decided to post the above “leaked” photo for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to let us know what you think about the leaked image. Is […]

Rumor: QNX powered BlackBerry smartphones will support Android apps

According to reports by Bloomberg, the highly anticipated QNX powered smartphones that RIM has been working on, will also run Android apps.  Bloomberg reported this today, and states that RIM will be adding the ability in an attempt to attract users back that have switched to Android or iOS for the extensive app catalogs that both […]