Telenav OTA Links for the BlackBerry Montana, Monaco and Sedona!

  Well our good buddies over at BBE have stumbled upon some interesting OTA links for the BlackBerry Montana, Monaco and Sedona. The OTA links are for Telenav’s GPS application.


Video: BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Montana

Mobile Link Earlier this month we saw the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 on video now we have a “live” hands on video to that was sent to N4BB over the weekend. We now know the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 is the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Bold Touch. In the video you will see that […]

BlackBerry “Montana” is CDMA BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen – Image and Specs!

  CB got there hands on an image and specs for the BlackBerry “Montana”. Apperantly the “Montana” is CDMA with a touch screen and will be entering the BlackBerry Bold Touch family. This is RIM’s thinnest BlackBerry ever with premium materials and finishes and a forged, machined stainless steel frame. The BlackBerry Montana’s features and specs include: Dimensions: 115 […]