Application Resource Monitor Headed to a BlackBerry 7.1 Device Near You

RIM will be introducing an new feature in BlackBerry 7.1 called Application Resource Monitor. Application Resource Monitor is a feature that will monitor applications running on your BlackBerry that are abusing precious system resources. There is also going to be an option that will automatically shutdown background battery draining applications. Hit the break to find […]

UAE BlackBerry users get chance to upgrade to OS7.1

BlackBerry users in United Arab Emigrates now get the option to upgrade there OS 7 devices to OS7.1.  Hit the break for full details on this upgrade.

BlackBerry OS 7.1 Now Available for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Singapore

Singapore – The latest version of BlackBerry smartphone’s OS, BlackBerry 7.1, is now available for BlackBerry Bold 9900 customers in Singapore. Starting today, current BlackBerry Bold 9900 customers can upgrade the OS of their smartphones to BlackBerry 7.1 for free via, or the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

Official OS: Blackberry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile

The Official OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile is now available via software updates. Go to the phone options menu the software updates OS 7.1 should appear. Not all users are seeing the update as of now. This update will be OTA pushed out by T-Mobile for the Bold 9900. Let us know what has changed with […]

BlackBerry OS 7.1 Not Releasing in Europe Until this Spring?

During CES 2012, RIM announced Blackberry Os 7.1 and it was showcased on several devices, not to mention that the T-Mobile OS 7.1 was launched in Blackberry Beta Zone. it multiple devices. RIM has stated that carriers will be releasing these updates in the next few week, and Verizon Wireless already jump aboard with 7.1 updates […]

T-Mobile OS 7.1 Now in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

A while back we saw BlackBerry OS 6 enter the Blackberry Beta Zone. Today, RIM has released BlackBerry OS 7.1 for T-Mobile in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. RIM is sending out invites to T-Mobile customers inviting them to beta test BlackBerry OS 7.1 in market beta.

RIM Officially Announces BlackBerry OS 7.1!

RIM has officially announced BlackBerry OS 7.1! Here is what they had to say about the release: Just in time for the New Year, we are introducing #TeamBlackBerry to the newest BlackBerry® smartphone operating system. Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of the new BlackBerry® 7.1 OS, which has been built to make […]

Blackberry Bold 9900 OS 7.1 May Include A Device Analyzer Feature

This “device analyzer” was discovered through a site called bjxiaoc. The images portray what might end up as a new feature on the Blackberry Bold 9900 OS 7.1. hit the break for more pictures

Emergency Alert Message System in BlackBerry OS 7.1

With BlackBerry OS 7.1 around the corner, everyone including myself is waiting on new features like the HotSpot feature and more. N4BB has had a chance to see one of the features we will find in OS 7.1. OS 7.1 will include an ‘Emergency Alert Messages’ system. The new feature will keep you updated on […]

None of the BlackBerry 7 Devices Have FM Tuner – Future Devices Will?

RIM has released the new Blackberry OS 7.1 Beta SDK and within the SDK includes FM Radio API, a developer Streak81 asked if, ” Can you provide a list of the devices that support the FM tuner?  Will current devices support this feature or is it reserved for future devices only?”

Rumor: Mobile HotSpot working on a Torch 9810 running BlackBerry OS 7.1

When the rumors first started flying about the new BB7 devices there was one feature that all BlackBerry owners had been waiting for, Mobile HotSpot support.  Personally I was sad to discover at the #BB7FanNight in Toronto that the HotSpot functionality had been removed from the operating system, and with no indication of when or […]

BlackBerry Bold 9790 gets redesigned buttons; launch in late November?

We have seen the Bold 9790 many different times but have never seen this image before.