Leaked: Bell Roadmap Shows Off the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, Bold 9900, Curve 9360!

Earlier today  we came across the Leaked: Telus Roadmap Show’s the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, and Curve! We now have Bell’s leaked roadmap showing off BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, Torch 9860, Bold 9900, Curve 9360! There are no release dates in this picture, but I think it is safe to assume […]


BlackBerry Torch 9810 Show’s up in CelleBrite System

This is interesting the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 has shown up in CelleBrite System, but we still do not see the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the system. Last month we saw BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 appear in CelleBrite System. It really does not make a lot of sense here since the BlackBerry Bold […]

Rogers to Carry the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810

It has now been confirmed by Mobilesyrup, that Rogers will be carrying the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810! What I have found very interesting is the fact that RIM has not even announced the Torch 2 as of yet. Please take note that the T2 will be running BlackBerry 7 OS, 3.2-inch touchscreen display (with a […]

BlackBerry Torch 9800 vs. BlackBerry Torch 2 9810

  This this comparison shows us the BlackBerry Torch 9800 up against the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810. We already knew that the Torch 2 would head to AT&T when it is released but TechnoBuffalo has put this video comparison together for all of us to drool over. Check out the video and let us know […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 OS 7.1 Coming Soon? QNX???

  LogicMail developer, Derek Konigsberg has noticed that the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 has shown up in his application stats. The Torch 2 was running OS OS, which is very interesting considering the OS 7 has not even been released yet. It appears as though RIM is test OS 7.1 now. Could OS 7.1 […]

The BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 is Headed to AT&T in September and T-Mobile in November – More Launch Info on the Bold 9900, Torch 2 9850/60, Curve 9360

It appears as though AT&T has lost it’s exclusivity of the BlackBerry Torch 2 come November when T-Mobile will get their hands on the device! Here is the break down for US carriers according to my source: BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 with full QWERTY keypad AT&T in September T-Mobile in November BlackBerry Torch 2 Full […]

Blackberry Torch 2 9810 Coming in August?

According to this leaked image of New AT&T Launches it outs a few devices. But what really stands out is the Blackberry Torch 2 9810 being released in August. Moreso what stands out is that is going to be a 4G Blackberry. Image taken with a grain of salt-but wishfull thinking of new Blackberry Torch […]

Leaked: BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 Device Simulator!

Now we have a leaked device simulator for the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810! A few weeks ago we saw the simulator’s leak: BlackBerry Torch Monaco 9850 andBlackBerry Bold 9900. Hit the break for the download link!

AT&T To Carry Torch 2 9810 In Quarter 2 According To Leaked Roadmap

Good news for all you AT&T subscribers. It look as though the BlackBerry Torch 2 is headed to AT&T soon! Let’s just hope other carriers get the device as well. Source

BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 On Video

Once again the BlackBerry Torch 2 has been caught in the wild this time on video! This make me want the Torch 2 even more! Please feel to share your thoughts on this post. Source