Video: God’s Will Mixing It Up on the Pacemaker DJ App at BlackBerry World 2012

Just the other day at BlackBerry World 2012, Jonas Norberg gave a sneak peak of what’s to be expected of Pacemaker DJ application for PlayBook. The video in this article shows off the Pacemaker application being used in real time on the BlackBerry PlayBook by God’s Will at the BlackBerry World Party. To give you […]


BlackBerry Protect Updated to v1.1.1.65

BlackBerry Protect has been updated to v1.1.1.65 in App World. BlackBerry Protect is a free application designed to keep your information secure if your BlackBerry® smartphone goes missing. If you’re on an applicable consumer data plan (enterprise plans are not supported at this time), you can download BlackBerry Protect and then log into the website […]

Blaq for PlayBook Updated to v1.8.1

Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook was just updated yesterday to v1.8. I just returned home from BlackBerry World in Orlando about 30 minutes ago to see yet another update to Blaq this time to v1.8.1. This is an extremely small update so one can only assume that this update is just for bug fixes.

Anders Larsson demos Cascades at BlackBerry 10 Jam

We have already shown you the videos from several BlackBerry partners and how they are utilizing Cascades in BlackBerry 10, but who better to talk about than Anders Larsson himself.  Larsson is the Product Manager for Cascades at RIM, formerly of The Astonishing Tribe, and in this video he shows some of the core functions of […]

Poynt talks about their plans for the future at BlackBerry 10 Jam

Poynt Sr. Vice President or Marketing and External Relations, Margaret Glover-Campbell, joined Alec Saunders on stage at BlackBerry 10 Jam to discuss the future of their app in the new world of BlackBerry.  Glover-Campbell started off stating that 40% of their user base in on BlackBerry, which is an astounding number considering how many Android […]

Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to v3.9.1

Foursquare for BlackBerry has been updated to v3.9.1 in the BlackBerry App World! This update includes NFC! Foursquare helps you explore the world around you. Meet up with friends. Find places to go. Save money with Specials. Hit the break to find out what’s new. What’s new?

Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v2.1

I know how much we all love our Angry Birds, so I am sure that a lot of you out there are happy to hear about an update.  Today Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook was updated to v2.1 and while we are not exactly sure what has changed it is a 13MB download.  Most […]

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Coming to BlackBerry PlayBook

Today, May 2, 2012, Fishlabs announced that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook! During BlackBerry World keynote, a demo for this aware winning sci-fi space shooter game was shown live for everyone in attendance. Fishlabs Entertainment hopes to release Galaxy on Fire 2 HD to App World some time at […]

Is Thorsten Heins Changing The Face of RIM in More Ways Than One?

As BlackBerry World Conference continues on in full swing, it’s seems that one thing is becoming increasingly obvious: Thorsten Heins is significantly  more social with the BlackBerry community in comparison to Mike Lazaridis. Thorsten’s attempts at truly being a part of the people who adore everything BlackBerry proves to me that RIM is seriously changing […]

Pacemaker DJ App for BlackBerry PlayBook

Today at BlackBerry World, Jonas Norberg gave a sneak peak of what’s to be expected of Pacemaker for PlayBook. As of right now, BlackBerry PlayBook owners are lucky enough to be a part of the select few that will get to access this amazing new app. Think back to the original Tonium Pacemaker, all the necessary […]

A Quick Glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 camera

One of the more interesting features of BlackBerry 10 is going to be the new camera that RIM has developed.  When the BlackBerry 10 devices are launched I don’t think we are going to see the outrage that we did with the Bold 9900 and the EDOF camera that it contained.  The best new feature […]

BlackBerry 10 connected Porsche shown off at BlackBerry World keynote

How would you like to have a BlackBerry 10 connected Porsche?  I know that I would, I would even take a non-BlackBerry 10 Porsche if I had to choose.  During the keynote today, Thorsten Heinz not only talked about BlackBerry 10 but he also showed some non-mobile utilization of the operating systems.  What is interesting […]

RIM hosts an action packed first day of BlackBerry World 2012

Today has definitely been a whirlwind at BlackBerry World.  We have seen lots of new stuff, like  BlackBerry 10, as well as some new partnerships of developers with RIM.  So if you are feeling a little lost and not sure if you have caught up on everything, you can check out a quick summary of […]

Mippin announces support for BlackBerry and the BlackBerry 10 platforms

Now that BlackBerry 10 has been officially announced we are starting to see some news coming for developers.  Mippin has announced that they will be providing support for the BlackBerry platform.  This does not only include BB10, but also every OS version from BlackBerry OS5 all the way to BlackBerry OS7.  And yes BlackBerry 10 […]

SPOTTED: BlackBerry 10 on a Whole New Level of Amazing

Just a few moments ago, a picture of Wi-Fi options was sent to us. On first glance, one might wonder what they should be looking for. But if you read through the different names, you may notice a certain exciting thing right in the middle: that’s right, BlackBerry 10 LTE Hotspot! News spread like wildfire […]

BlackBerry 10 gets shown off at BlackBerry World

Today’s keynote at BlackBerry World in Orlando saw the introduction of BlackBerry 10.  The unveiling was met with much excitement and looks to be a giant step in the right direction for RIM.  Now of course the operating system is still in the works, but what was shown off leaves us wanting more, and more. […]

RIM and QNX Initiative Encourages Young Talent in China to Develop Apps on the BlackBerry Platform

Beijing, China and BlackBerry World 2012, Orlando, FL – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) and its subsidiary, QNX Software Systems, today announced a new initiative to encourage university students in China to develop more apps and services on the BlackBerry® platform. RIM and QNX are working with a number of universities in China […]

Research In Motion Launches BlackBerry 10 Platform

Developers get powerful tools in advance to build apps that deliver highly engaging mobile experiences for users BlackBerry World 2012 / BlackBerry 10 Jam – Orlando, FL – – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today unveiled its vision for the BlackBerry® 10 platform at the BlackBerry World™ conference in Orlando, Florida and released […]

BoxTone Extends Support to BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

PlayBook Deployments to Benefit From BoxTone’s Innovative Approach to Mobility Management COLUMBIA, MD–(Marketwire – May 1, 2012) – BoxTone, the innovator of Automated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), today announced it has extended its management platform to provide enterprise IT operations, support and security professionals with unified management and control of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets running PlayBook […]

Wikitude Browser updated to v6.5.1, fixes BBM connection issues

The augmented reality Wikitude Browser received an update today to v6.5.1.  For any of you that use Wikitude on a regular basis this update brings a much-needed fix for the BBM connection issues that existing in the previous version.