RIM not announcing the Blackberry Tablet at #DevCon10?

BGR has confirmed: “the keynote today, delivered by Mike Lazaridis, will focus on the next generation tablet OS platform. It won’t focus or really feature any hardware, unfortunately. BGR’s source said it would be unlikely for RIM to announce the mysterious tablet device during a developer event. We agree. Is it possible there will be a […]


Blackberry Tablet To Be Announced Within Weeks???

According to The Wall Street Journal RIM will be unveiling their answer to the iPad within the next few weeks. While many of us were hoping that this would be the big news at DevCon next week, and this report seems to give that rumor a little more footing. Of course I’m sure that many […]

RIM Files Canadian Trade-Mark For “SurfBook”, Is This The Tablet??

It has come to our attention that RIM has filed a Canadian trade-mark for an item called the “SurfBook”. Of course we all assume that this is in reference to the nicknamed “BlackPad” tablet that has been rumored to be in production. While the trademark file gives us no details on what this is, we […]

RIM Tablet Shipping In November??

So more rumored info has come out regarding the Blackberry Tablet. This new device has been rumored to be named the “Blackpad” however there is nothing out to validate the name as of yet. It is rumored that the tablet will be shipping as early as November of this year and be priced at $499. […]

BlackBerry tablet coming soon?

For those of you who were doubting RIM making a tablet, listen up!  Further confirmation that this is real has just surfaced, thanks to public domain records.  RIM has recently purchased the domain name blackpad.com, leading to speculation that the BlackBerry tablet will be called the “BlackPad” taking after Apple’s “iPad” device.  This could still […]