Verizon Stacks The Bold 9930 Against Existing BlackBerry’s, Still No Release Date Though

We have all been waiting for Verizon to announce the release date for the new BlackBerry Bold 9930, but we still don’t have any official word.  Sprint has just announced that they will be launching the BlackBerry Torch 9850 is coming August 21st, and still Verizon is keeping things quite.  We know that the device is coming […]


More Photos From #BB7FanNight In Toronto

Here are some more photos that I took last night at the #BB7FanNight in Toronto. Figured I should share some more BlackBerry 7 goodness with you all as I finish uploading some more videos, so don’t forget to check back in throughout the day for those. Included is a variety of shots of the 9900, […]

More Leaked Slides Point Towards August 31st Launch For The BlackBerry 9900 On T-Mobile

If any of the previous leaked documents didn’t have you fully convinced that we would be seeing the new BlackBerry 9900 dakota on T-Mobile before the end of August, this should just about do it for you.  As you can see from the leaked slide the Target Launch for the 9900 is August 17th for the Entreprise […]

What Surprises Does RIM Have In Store For Us With #BB7FanNight Just Around The Corner??

Well if you haven’t heard yet RIM is holding a BB7FanNight this Wednesday in Toronto, Canada.  There have been plenty of rumors flying around about what exactly we are going to hear and see from RIM at this event, and the hours leading up to it.  Although the Bold Touch 9900/9930 have already made their […]

Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Leaked includes Monoco and Bold Touch

It seems that Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap has been leaked and there are some details of a few up and coming devices, and while they released details of some other devices, it is very interesting of just what new Blackberry devices they will have in store.  Here is what has been reported to be expected: BlackBerry […]

Photo’s Of The BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 In The Wild!

The other day we told you about the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 on Video.Today we have hands on pictures of the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930! The Bold Touch also has new battery from RIM. Reports are stating the device will be announced at BlackBerry World and a global release is slated for the June-July time […]

BlackBerry “Monaco” Storm 3 and “Montana” Bold Touch Coming To Sprint By The End of Q2 2011??

Could Sprint be bumping up the release of some upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones?   The leaked CDMA Roadmap, shown here, has the BlackBerry Bold Touch, also known as the Montana and the newer generation Storm 3, aka Monaco to release by the end of Q3.   IntoMobile’s Simon  has heard from a few sources that the devices could […]