Man Caught Trying To Smuggle BlackBerry Into Prison

We are all BlackBerry addicts here, and it pains us to think about going any amount of time without our beloved devices.  However there are certain places in this world, like prison, where phones are simply not allowed, and this of course poses a serious question for the criminally minded BlackBerry addict.  How does one survive prison without a […]

BlackBerry Launches First Tech Center in Brazil

The first BlackBerry Tech Center in Brazil is designed to help students and developers take advantage of the growing global mobile ecosystem São Paulo, Brazil – December 11, 2012 – As part of the BlackBerry® Academic Program, a global outreach and support program aimed at students and mobile application developers, BlackBerry® maker Research In Motion […]

RIM Wins LIDE Business Marketing Award in Brazil!

 Mobile Link Normally, and I hate seriously that for a company that it is becoming a norm, but in the news RIM gets alot of troubling news but on contrary to that RIM has been excelling in developing markets. Recently RIM was awarded the LIDE Business Marketing for their “Qual é o seu outro lado” (What’s your other side) campaign, which is directed towards the Brazilian market. […]