4G Coming To Vodafone Starting On August 29th

Vodafone is starting their LTE roll out on August 29th. The first stop will be London with plans for 12 other cities by the end of this year. And if you already have a BlackBerry 10 device on Vodafone, you can upgrade to a 4G plan. The plans start at £26 for 2GB of data. […]

New 4G Data Plans At SIMPLE Mobile

SIMPLE Mobile has changed their 4G data plans. They are offering data plans for every type of user. The plans: $40 Unlimited with 500MB of 4G data, twice as much as the original $40 Unlimited plan. $50 Unlimited with 2.5GB of 4G data. $60 Unlimited with 4GB of 4G data. brand new plan, never offered […]

Data Hungry Users now Have 3 Additional Options From AT&T

Today AT&T introduced 3 new tired data plans for their wireless customers in the US using the Mobile Share Data plans.  The plans will allow users to have up to 50GB of data each month.

Clearing Up The Confusion Regarding BIS/BES And BlackBerry 10

There has been  a lot of confusion regarding BlackBerry 10 and whether or not you need a BIS/BES account to use the phone.  Now that the Z10 is in the hands of a lot of people, and officially for sale in the UK, we can now confirm whether or not you will need a BIS or BES […]

Smart Communications Has Blackberry Data Plan Sale

Philippine mobile provider Smart Communications has started their Blackberry data plan sale. Their monthly plan was dropped to P599 from P1,200. There is a daily plan for P50 and weekly for P300. To get your money’s worth, the best data plan seems to be the monthly.

Are WhatsApp And Other Instant Messagers The New SMS?

As smartphones continue to improve, practically on a daily basis, the shift from plain old SMS text messaging to instant messaging through apps is well on its way. That’s exactly what WhatsApp founder, Brian Action, talked about in an interview with Reuters. He went on to talk about current evidence showing that carriers were losing […]