Unconference Day at BlackBerry Jam Americas

Thursday September 27th is the last day of BlackBerry Jam Americas and is labeled Unconference Day.  This day is focused around the Devs that are planning on attending the event.  

RIM lists some of the APIs coming to the BlackBerry 10 SDK in the evolution to Gold status

One of the main points that came out of this years BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 Jam is that RIM is dedicated to developers.  We have seen numerous posts done on the BlackBerry DevBlog lately that have provided updated emulators and plans for the new operating system.  In this latest article Tim Neil has detailed what […]

Devs Discuss The Proccess of Porting Cronk to BlackBerry 10 (Native SDK Game)

There has been a lot of Devs looking at all of the things that can be done with the BlackBerry 10 Platform.  The latest discussion is surrounding the popular iPhone game Cronk and how that was ported to the BB10 platform.  Hit the break for the details.

Alec Saunders Explains Why RIM Loves Start ups

Alec Saunders wrote an article on the Dev Blog about why RIM loves start ups. They love start ups because of innovation. New and fresh ideas and they haven’t been scooped up by other brands. RIM has a lot of sponsored upcoming events which will feature entrepreneurs. Check out the full article here.