Blackberry Doesn’t Make The Yahoo Employee Phone List

Once upon a time Blackberry was the go to Business device for companies. Then it became one of a few choices. Now it is missing entirely from companies’ top phone choices for their employees. The case with Yahoo is that employees have 5 phones to pick from:iPhone 5, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, […]

Is RIM About To Layoff More People Next Week?

Cantech Letter is saying that is going to happen. It is supposed to happen on August 13th, with the 3000 people being laid to complete the previously mentioned 5000. There are still 10,000 employees left with the Blackberry 10 workers supposedly in the safe.

RIM Pushing Employees To Get Blackberry 10 Done

A few days ago, we told you about the disappointing news that Blackberry 10 was pushed back to Q1 2013. Clearly RIM realizes that that may affect the bottom line and long term numbers. So they’ve pulled their socks up and are pushing employees to get Blackberry 10 ready. The Ottawa Citizen reports that there […]

RIM Assists Employees in Pleading Their Case for BlackBerry 7 Upgrades

RIM has set up a new website to help enterprise employees plead their case to their IT managers for an upgrade to BlackBerry 7 devices. One of the main issues with corporate IT departments is in my opinion that they don’t like upgrading devices, because it’s expensive and it takes time. Well with this […]

RIM Employees Get Huge Discounts on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Well if you work for RIM you can get yourself the BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB for only $99. If a 32 GB or 64 GB is more your style you can pick those up quite inexpensively as well.