No physical keyboard for the BlackBerry Jakarta

Well if you were hoping the BlackBerry Jakarta would have a physical keyboard, you are out of luck. A couple of weeks ago BlackBerry CEO John Chen let the world know that they were working with Foxxcon to manufacture the low-cost BlackBerry Jakarta. Thoughts on this device were that it possibly would have a full QWERTY keyboard, […]


The BlackBerry Torch 9850 is heading to US Cellular

We all knew that RIM was pushing the new BB7 devices out to a lot of carriers, and in the US we are now starting to see some of the smaller carriers announce their new BlackBerry lineups as well.  Today US Cellular announced on their website that they would be carrying the Torch 9850 as […]

Quick Look At The BlackBerry Torch 9850/9860 At #BB7FanNight In Toronto

If we look back a few years and summarize RIM’s history of full touchscreen devices, most of us will probably cringe a little when we think back to the Storm and Storm 2. Well RIM obviously felt the same way and decided not only to re-brand their new full touch device, but also put a […]