Flight Theory, Now There Is A Free Version

Many a game come with a free or trial version. And lots more you have to take a chance and pay for it before you even know if it is good. Jason Allen, the developer of Flight Theory has made a free version of the game. What you get is 3 levels of the full […]


EPOCH Now Available for BlackBerry 10

Uppercut Games Pty Ltd has released EPOCH for BlackBerry 10, EPOCH was currently available on iOS. Follow the echoes of a lost civilization in a visually-stunning post-apocalyptic world where only robots survive to fight a never-ending war. Fight towards your goal and piece together the fragments to reveal exactly what happened when the old world […]

Doodle Jump Comes To BlackBerry 10

Doodle Jump is now available to download for BlackBerry 10. See how high Q-bert can jump to, while avoiding monsters, holes, broken platforms and more. Take advantage of the rockets and trampolines which will help you get higher faster. You can also compete for the top score in the Global Leaderboard. Features: – Many fantastical […]

FaceJam Now Available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

Strategic Health has released an update to their popular application for BlackBerry 10, FaceJam. FaceJam is an application that lets you “jam” pictures together to make one awesome photo! FaceJam is more than just a pretty face. Want to put 2, 3 or 4 pictures side by side or compare 2 things without having to […]

For One Week Only Get FlyCraft for BB10 for Just $.99

Charilaos Kalogirou the creator of FlyCraft has placed the BlackBerry 10 game on sale for one week only! Right now you can get FlyCraft the Built for BlackBerry game on sale for just $.99 versus $2.99! Use your imagination to create any flying machine you want. You can built the perfect flying machine and soar […]

Angry Birds Launches For BlackBerry 10

Rovio has finally launched Angry Birds for BlackBerry 10. Along with the original Angry Birds, you can also get Angry Birds Seasons. It has all the same levels as the original version so be prepared to play for hours, as it gets quick addictive. Like the iOS version it’s only 99 cents at BlackBerry World. […]

Fieldrunners 2 Makes A Reappearance In BlackBerry World

Fieldrunners 2 was prematurely launched in BlackBerry World. At the time it could only be played if you had OS 10.2. Oops. Because 10.2 hasn’t yet launched to everyone, this would mean hardly anyone could play it. Subatomic Studios has updated the game so you only need 10.1 to play. The Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense has over 20 […]

Pocket Ninjas Can Now Be Played On The Q10 And Q5

Cocky Culture has updated their Pocket Ninja app so you can play it on either the Q5 or the Q10. Some bugs were also fixed. This brings the app to v1.5.0.349. Decapitate your enemies as a badass ninja! Get the game from BlackBerry World for $1.99. Source:BR

Sage Fusion 2 now available for BlackBerry 10 – Save 33% off!

Kidalang the developers behind Sage Fusion just let us know that they have released Sage Fusion 2 for BlackBerry 10! They have also placed the game on sale in BlackBerry World for just $1.99, that is a savings of 33% off. The sale price is for a limited time so make sure you act now! […]

Rubicon Announces New Combat Monsters Game For BlackBerry 10

Rubicon, the guys behind Great Big War Game are soon bringing another game to BlackBerry 10. And this time, they are launching at the same time as other platforms, including Android. Comparable to Magic the Gathering, but with 3D graphics and monsters. They’ve made it cross platform too, so you will be able to play […]

Jetpack High for BlackBerry 10

Jetpack High from Chaos Interactive has released an update to their popular game on BlackBerry 10! This update includes a fix for Scoreloop issue, Better Z10 and Q10 control, Less Missiles and fixed wording. Help Little Birdy to deliver his girl friend flying as high as possible. Little Birdy have found a jetpack and a […]

The Sandbox for BlackBerry 10 Updated

The Sandbox game for BlackBerry 10 has received an update to version At this time there is no word on what has changed. “The Sandbox is finally available on BlackBerry! Trust us – you haven’t seen anything like this yet! Imagine crafting your own universe (complete with amazing Pixel Art), composing your own music, […]

Check out Jungle Ninja for BlackBerry

DVGames just let us know that they have released Jungle Ninja for BlackBerry. Jungle Ninja is available for all BlackBerry legacy devices running BBOS 4.6.0 or higher. The bad news – jungle are captured by bandits and robbers. You are ninja and you are going there to withstand them. Use shurikens to kill enemies. Try […]

Roulette King Now Available For BlackBerry 10

The folks over at Magmic have now brought Roulette King to BlackBerry 10. With promises of “The most realistic roulette experience” and 18 different ways to bet, you can have fun “gambling” for hours. This isn’t your standard roulette game. On Magmic’s website they also have a sign up for Roulette King. You can be […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD now on sale for $.99

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD has already been out for a while, but only for the Z10. Just the developers updated it and now it can be played on the Q10 and the Q5. The tower defense game comes in two modes, Story Campaign and Squad Assault. Using the right squad, route, special weapons, and plan […]

NeverMaze For BlackBerry 10, Takes Mazes To Another Level

NeverMaze for BlackBerry 10 is different than your standard maze game. Although I am not sure that many exist. In any case, NeverMaze’s name fit its premise. Because it is set up to create billions of different unique mazes, you likely (read:never)will not see the same one again. This would also mean you would be […]

Check out Mini Dash for the BlackBerry Z10

If you are looking for a fun yet addicting game for your BlackBerry Z10 and or PlayBook look no futher Mini Dash is here!  Mini Dash is a frenetic, fun, fast platformer that oozes quality. Full of ideas and unexpected turns, it will have you hooked the moment you tap its beautifully formed icon! Take […]

Training With Messi Deluxe Now Available on the BlackBerry Q5, Q10 and Z10

Training With Messi Deluxe is now available on all of the BlackBerry 10 devices, Q5, Q10 and Z10 users rejoice! If you are a soccer fan you really need to check out the exclusive version of Training With Messi Deluxe, as it is only available on on BlackBerry. The developer behinh Training with Messi, Rock […]

Sketch W Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated

XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd just let us know that they have updated their popular game for the PlayBook, Sketch W Friends! This update is huge for the game offering those paid users who upgrade Sketch W Friends will be credited with 5000 Bonus coins the first time they use the latest version! “Friends & Family” […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Now Supports The Q10 And Q5

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD has already been out for a while, but only for the Z10. The developers have updated it and now it can be played on the Q10 and the Q5. The tower defense game comes in two modes, Story Campaign and Squad Assault. Using the right squad, route, special weapons, and plan […]