Need for Speed Undercover now available for BlackBerry 10

We knew that EA was bringing some of their top titles to BlackBerry 10, and now the wait is over for one of my favourites.  Need for Speed Undercover is now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices, and it is one of those games that everyone should get.  The game will cost you […]


Maysalward brings host of traditional Middle East games to BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Z10 owners in the Middle East can now download a host of traditional games that have been brought to the platform by Maysalward.  There are 6 games that will be easily recognizable to those in the Middle East.  They include such titles as Tarneed, Trix and Balot. “People of this region are constantly on […]

The Movie Quiz Game is now available for BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook

Do you consider yourself to be a movie expert? If you said yes there is a new game from XLabz that will put your knowledge to the test.  The Movie Quiz Game lets you guess what movie a blurred movie poster is from.  The first few levels are pretty easy, but it does get harder […]

Now Available: Marmalade 6.2.1 with BlackBerry 10 Beta Support

Marmalade has released version 6.2.1 with BlackBerry 10 Beta Support. Marmalade is a uniquely powerful cross-platform SDK for the development of smartphone, tablet, desktop and Smart TV apps and games. Marmalade SDK supports deployment of Apps and Games directly to the BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are currently developing using Marmalade SDK […]

Nuke Em All! Land of Mines FREE for BlackBerry 10

Here lately since the release of BlackBerry 10, I have been downloading all new games add one more great FREE one to the is list. Land of Mines for BlackBerry 10, NUKE ‘EM ALL! Best artillery strategy game around Land of Mines is a turn based strategy game where a player have to use whatever tools […]

FlyCraft Updated to v1.2 – Now Includes Replay Sharing and More!

FlyCraft from Charilaos Kalogirou has been updated in BlackBerry World to version 1.2. This update brings lots of cool features to the game from sharing replays to new gadgets. Use your imagination to create any flying machine you want. You can built the perfect flying machine and soar through the skies, or the most ridiculous […]

Ice Age Village from Gameloft now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10

If racing games aren’t your speed, then you may want to check out Gameloft’s other new title Ice Age Village.  This is the official Ice Age Village game and you can play along as the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat, as you work your way through 13 levels spread across 5 icy environments.

Asphalt 7: Heat now available for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World

Gameloft has now started to push some of their top titles into BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 devices.  If you are looking for a great racing game that is full of speed and adrenaline then Asphalt 7: Heat is the game for you.  And at only $1.99 right now it is a great deal!

Purity – Tile Puzzle Based Game Available Now for BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Ready for to try out some new games on your BlackBerry PlayBook or new BlackBerry 10 Smartphone? Well check out Purity an awesome simple but fun new game! Purity is a tile-based puzzle game where you must find a path through each level which allows you to absorb all of the energy tiles and reach the exit.  […]

“Built for BlackBerry” App Section Shows Up in BlackBerry World

With the Built for BlackBerry in full swing, BlackBerry has added a new section to BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 appropriately titled “Built for BlackBerry”. The applications in this section have gone through tough requirements to be dubbed Built for BlackBerry. You can learn more about the Built for BlackBerry here.

FlashGames Lands on BlackBerry 10

FlashGames has finally been released into BlackBerry World! Richard let us know that they have received “dozens of emails to port FlashGames to BB10″ from the BlackBerry PlayBook. They have had over 120K+ downloads on the BlackBerry PlayBook alone.  Over 80+ Games in 1-Fresh Look & Feel for BB10-MORE GAMES & FULL SCREEN GAMEPLAY-FlashGames is […]

Atomicom Brings More Games To BlackBerry 10 And The PlayBook

Atomicom has already released Switch, the fast paced distance game. And now they’ve gone ahead and release an additional 4 games to BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook. The new games are titled Angry Wife, Cats and Bombs, Tiny Jewels and The Best Christmas Game Ever.

Need for Speed Undercover Hits BlackBerry 10 – Available for Everyone Except US and Canada

Need for Speed Undercover from EA Games has been released for BlackBerry 10 owners everywhere but US and Canada. Don’t know what NFS is Well: Real cars! Real fast! Drive the world’s #1 critically acclaimed racing franchise on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Race 20 of the world’s fastest, hottest cars, like the Porsche Carrera GT. Each […]

Play Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) on your BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook

 Mobile Link  Thou shall Part the Sea With thy Almighty Finger, for the People shall Run Safe Across. Thou shall Not Let Them Drown! Mo works as a prophetic leader in Pharaoh’s Egypt. He urges the people to flee across the sea… by foot. Touch the sea to part it open, swipe, shake your smartphone […]

Super Hexagon Now Available For BlackBerry 10 – Productivity Has Met Its Match

If you are looking for an extremely hard game, that will keep you busy for hours, then Super Hexagon is for you.  The game got famous on iOS and has now made its way to BlackBerry 10 via BlackBerry World.  The game has awesome 8-bit music, and has some very psychedelic visuals that will keep […]

XLabz Releases 14 BlackBerry 10 Apps into BlackBerry World!

Our good friends over at XLabz Technologies have developed and released fourteen applications into BlackBerry World! The applications below are also available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some of our faverate applications from XLabz are Weather+ HD, ProInsights for LinkedIn, Groovy Notes and The Logo Game all of which are available in BlackBerry World for both […]

Magmic Releases 5 New Games For BlackBerry 10

Despite not having some of the big game titles from iOS and Android, BlackBerry 10 has some pretty great games in BlackBerry World.  Magmic has released 5 games for BlackBerry 10, and who better than a long time BlackBerry developer to release some awesome games for your BlackBerry Z10.  Magmic has a mix of both […]

Uniwar HD Free Multiplayer Strategy Game for BlackBerry 10

More and more games and apps are coming to BlackBerry 10, add one more awesome strategy based game UniWar HD for BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry PlayBook. UniWar is a  turn-based strategy game where players battle it out on the field with units of  different races, building bases and using the terrain to overcome their  opponents […]

New Gameloft Titles Headed to BlackBerry 10!

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games plans to optimize its most popular titles for the new BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. Titles such as Shark Dash, N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance , Asphalt 7: Heat , and UNO ™ will greatly benefit from the features in the BlackBerry® 10 platform, including multiplayer […]

S4BB Adds 89 Apps, 12 Games and 1,610 Audiobooks to BlackBerry 10!

With BlackBerry 10 finally launching today S4BB has updated and gotten you ready with 89 apps, 12 games and 1,610 audiobooks! A whole slew of new applications weather it books, learning new languages, playing a new game, they have you covered! Hit the jump to check them all out!