BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Adobe Reader: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Easily view Adobe® PDF files on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Picture Editor: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Use advanced features to edit your pictures and save the revised version on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Insert the SIM Card, Battery & Media Card: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Get started with your new BlackBerry® Z10 by inserting the SIM card and media card, and learn how to remove the battery.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Viewing Pictures: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy viewing pictures on your BlackBerry® Z10, with slideshow and Play On features, easy sharing and customizable views.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Account Setup: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Add your email and social accounts to your BlackBerry® Z10 and find out how to sync them.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Watching Videos: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy watching videos on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone. Adjust the video size, use the volume buttons for easy listening and share it.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Video Editor: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Use the video editor on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone to adjust the length of your video, enhance colors and more.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connections: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Connect your new BlackBerry® Z10 to a Wi-Fi® network and enable your Bluetooth® connections.

Watch The BlackBerry Jam Europe Marmalade Demo

Check out this demo of Nick from the Marmalade team who is able to create a Blackberry 10 app very quickly. He was interviewed and gave the demo at BlackBerry Jam Europe.

Now Available: BlackBerry Z10 How To Demos

When you get a brand new device smartphone or tablet, the first thing you want to do is figure it out. Most companies say here is your device with some instructions in the box… Doing this can take several hours to learn your new device. With BlackBerry you can just jump online and learn everything […]

Adobe Releases Flash Builder 4.7, The BlackBerry SDK for Adobe AIR Supports It, Installation Is Difficult However

The guys over at Blackberry Dev Blog have provided the instructions on how to install Adobe Flash Builder 4.7. Read on for more details. Flash® Builder® 4.7 has been released by Adobe®. Flash Builder 4.7 is a complimentary update from Flash Builder 4.5/4.6. This release introduces new development features and enhancements, provides support for the […]

Devs: Trying to Figure Out How to Get Your Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Device?

Research In Motion announced last night that developers that have submitted qualifying BlackBerry 10 app also qualify for a a Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device! Now we have not seen the Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 device as of yet but rest assured this device is going to be super awesome! Hit the break to find out […]

South Africa Gets Another Apps Lab

After opening a lab in the University of Pretoria, RIM has opened up another in Cape Town. RIM said this about their choice of location: “Cape Town is a key innovation hub, and a natural site for RIM’s second BlackBerry apps lab in South Africa,” Alexandra Zagury, RIM’s MD for South Africa and southern Africa, […]

Video: How To Use The Blackberry Screen Reader App For Blackberry Smartphones

YouTube Mobile Link Instructional video on how to find, download and use the BlackBerry Screen Reader app for BlackBerry smartphones. The video has been updated to include captions.

Tutorial On How To Add NFC Support For A Blackberry 10 App

This tutorial was taken from the Blackberry blogs. The guys have graciously put the steps together to make it easier for you to add NFC Support for a Blackberry 10 app. The tutorial is long but worth it! hit the break for the full tutorial

Playbook Makes An Appearance In A McDonalds How To Make Fries Video

The Playbook shows up in the fries video. They use it to show the questions that people sent in. I guess there are people out there who wanted to know how McDonalds Canada makes their fries.

If You Like Pinterest,Want The App And Have A Playbook, Follow These Steps

Sadly there is no Pinterest App yet for the Playbook. But someone has come up with a workaround using the Android version. Download the Pinterest .BAR file here. Use DDPB to side-load the app. Once installed you’ll have Pinterest on your PlayBook

DevBlog Tutorial On Writing Push Enabled Applications For Blackberry 10

The guys over at the DevBlog have put together a guide on how to write a Push-Enabled Application using BlackBerry WebWorks for BlackBerry 10. Push is a standard in Blackberries and with Blackberry 10, RIM is going to make it even better. Be sure to check out the tutorial to get started on Push.

How To: Force Detect When BlackBerry Desktop Software Does Not Detect the Device

Well I have had a real crappy morning, I woke up to find my BlackBerry Bold 9900 turned off and plugged into the charger. I thought to myself WTH? My Bold never gets turned off unless I am doing a battery pull. So I unplugged my Berry and pressed the power button to turn the […]

How to Enable “Device Analyzer” on OS

If you are running OS 7.1 you will be happy to know that you can now enable “Device Analyzer” on your BlackBerry. Device Analyzer lets you run multiple diagnostic tests on your BlackBerry smartphone tests like: Internet Mail Account Issues, Battery Tests, Issues with Device Responsiveness, Cellular Network Connection Issues, Wi-Fi Connection Issues, and Hardware […]