Leaked Hybrid: OS for BlackBerry 10

We’ve got another leaked OS today. This one is a little different though. This is the leaked OS 10.2 packaged into a hybrid with a working radio file. So a heads up, it will not work with a device out of the box. Rather, it is for the A10 ‘Aristo’. Get the download here. Please […]


Fishloader for BlackBerry allows creation of COD modules and JADs directly from your device

Now not everyone out there is going to be in need of this app, but I know that there care quite a few of you that are.  Fishloader is an app that lets you easily create COD modules and JAD modules directly from your device for easy installation of those files.  For those of you […]

BlackBerries runing a Hybrid QNX OS Coming This Summer!?!

Peter Misek an analyst  for Jefferies & Co stated we may see a  “hybrid” operating system of sorts before the end of this year, perhaps by the summer, using kernel code from QNX underneath the existing BlackBerry OS 6.” This is all based on “historical discussions” and a review of BlackBerry code, Misek points to […]

RBH iceandfire 9700 v7 (.862/.886/

This is my hybrid for the 9700 devices.Uninstall any other OS’s from your computer for a fresh/clean install. Please back up all your data before proceeding. It is recommended that you start with a fresh install of this hybrid over top of the base OS. requires leaked or offical base 9700: Run installer Shrink-a-os […]