BlackBerry removes Twitter v10.2.2 from BB World because of issues

BlackBerry has just removed Twitter version 10.2.2 from BlackBerry World due to users reporting issues with the latest version of the application. If you are experiencing issues with the applications you can downgrade the applcation using the steps below: To downgrade, perform the following steps: On the home screen, hold the Twitter icon until the […]


BlackBerry 10.1 update has been confirmed to fix reboot issues

A while ago there were reports of some BlackBerry Z10 owners seeing random reboots on their devices.  Of course BlackBerry decided to take a serious look into this issue and have now posted a knowledge base article stating the fix for this issue. The fix for the reboot issue is to ensure that you have […]

Google accounts having issues – Not everyone is affected

Being a Gmail user, I noticed today that I kept gettin this popup showing Gmail or Google Apps SMTP or IMAP login is incorrect. So I would then enter my password, it continued to popup. Well Google is having issues with Google Apps, Gmail and Google Drive, ad they are aware of the issues. This […]

**UPDATE**Vodafone Users Experiencing Issues with BlackBerry Service

**UPDATE** We are hearing reports that everything is back to normal on the outage front. If you are still having issues let us know in the comments. The @UK_BlackBerry sent out a message on Twitter letting the world know that some BlackBerry customers in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa are experiencing issues with BlackBerry service […]

Updated Desktop Software Causing Grief For Some

Anyone who has downloaded the latest Desktop Software update has no doubt already experienced problems. Desktop Software v7.0 B44 was just launched a few days ago and there have been reports that you can’t sync the software with your phone.

RIM Investigating Why Some Users are experiencing BIS Delays

RIM has sent a tweet out via @BlackBerry letting the world know that they are investigating why some users are experiencing BIS delays. Me personally I have been experiencing a bit of a lag when sending BBM’s and emails.

BIS outage affecting North America and Europe – are you affected ?

We’ve just received word that there is a known BIS outage concerning PIN and BBM messages. According to a few Carriers, there is currently no known time of resolution for this outage, I guess we’re left in the dark….. we’ll be back up and running as soon as RIM’s engineers can get things up and corrected. […]

Update on RIM’s Signing Server Issues

RIM has post an update reguarding the Signing server issues we told you about a few days ago. You can read that article here: RIM: Signing servers for BlackBerry went down over the weekend. Here is what RIM’s VP Developer Relations and Alliances, Tyler Lessard had to say via BlackBerry Developer’s Blog Hello BlackBerry developer […]