Coming Soon: BlackBerry Curve 3G

According to recent flyer circulating around, Bell appears to be one of the first carriers snagging the upcoming Kepler (aka Curve 9300), which they are calling the BlackBerry Curve 3G.  Sure it’s not RIM’s latest and greatest, but it builds on their solid foundation and adds HSPA, more RAM, and optical trackpad.  As exciting as […]


9300 “Kepler” is passed by FCC.

Well, it may be on the way! I received an alert earlier from Google stating that the Blackberry 9300 Kepler has passed the test implemented by the FCC! Source: Google Alerts Posted from my NerdBerry 9550 from the WordPress app.

BlackBerry “Kepler” Curve 9300 – OS – Leaked

Wow!  This device hasn’t even released yet and it already has its first OS leak.   You can download this OS below.  So far .705 is the highest version of OS 5.0 we’ve seen out.  Does this mean OS 6 is coming? We hope so!! Download OS Source: