Native BBM Rumored To Be Coming To The PlayBook Next Month – With Integrated BBM Voice And Video Chat

We have known for some time now that BlackBerry 10 will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook sometime around the January 30th announcement.  One of the features that PlayBook owners have been hoping for is native BBM integration, and rumors are that we may see it within the next month.


RIM Takes Down Screenshot of Native PlayBook BBM, from App World

Remember the Blackberry Messenger App on the Blackberry Playbook we spotted in the above picture while browsing the new App World page, well it seems that RIM has pulled the image! Does this mean BBM on the PlayBook will be a native app and that the screenshot was real? What do you think of RIM pulling the image??

Native BBM Headed to the PlayBook?

Our good buddies over at BBE spotted the above picture while browsing the new App World page and stumbled across this image. The BlackBerry PlayBook has been rumored to run native BBM, but looking at the image above i am a bit confused… If you look closely you will see a “License Key” for BBM […]