BBTor app brings a BitTorrent client to your BlackBerry Smartphone

If you have been longing for a BitTorrent client that you can use on your BlackBerry smartphone, it looks like there is an app just for you.  BBTor is the BitTorrent client for BlackBerry smartphones that we have seen, and is an app that has been sorely needed.  We have not had a chance to […]

Theme Review: iLike by Bbtdesigns for OS5/OS6/OS7

One of the best-selling themes in our Nerdberry App Store is iBerry, which of course takes its styling cues from iOS and the iPhone.  I decided that I wanted to take a look at the lesser known iOS inspired themes to see what they bring to the table.  I decided to take a closer look […]

ShutUp Camera gets pulled from BlackBerry AppWorld, Still available in the Nerdberry Store

When RIM pulls apps from AppWorld it isn’t always apparent to the rest of us as to why.  ShutUp Camera by Devcellent Solutions was recently removed by RIM from AppWorld for unknown reasons.  The app allows you to use the native camera app without the shutter noise.  Personally I like to have no shutter sound […]

Fancy Speed Test App For Your Blackberry Smart Phone, Free Download

Fancy Speed Test tests out your wireless connection speed, upload/download speeds and ping. Get it for free from our Nerdberry Store.

PicoSMS Free SMWS/MMS for Blackberry Smartphones

PicoSMS is a free and complete SMS and MMS messaging application for any Java (J2ME, MIDP 2.0)  cellphone. PicoSMS allows users to send simple text messages in addition to photos taken with the camera, files from the phone and much more and, best of all, PicoSMS is free from our Nerdberry Store! PicoSMS features include: