FREE Theme: Mini Banner Theme For Your Blackberry 7 Device

The Mini Banner theme is Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 icons. Mini Banner Theme BlackBerry 7 is free at our Nerdberry Store. Download Mini Banner theme. Thanks to the developers behind the Mini Banner theme @_lucky45 and @drkapprentice!


BB-Freaks Celebrate’s their 2nd Anniversary! FREE Theme and Discount!!!

BB-Freaks  is celebrating their 2 year anniversary and wants to give you a FREE theme and Discount!!! BB-Freaks has been one of my favorite theme developers for a while now,They have developed NotePad 2 Anniversary OS7 Theme along with a coupon code good for $1 off any of their themes in the NerdBerry Store! Use […]

Flashlight Pro With Free Trial, One Touch Activation

Access the flashlight as soon as you open the app. Very quick and easy to use. S4BB offers it to you as a trial and if you like it, it is on sale for 99 cents right now!

TapaTalk Forum App Gets An Update To v1.4.5.1

The TapaTalk Forum App got an update to v1.4.5.1 What’s New: *Changed Page Changer * Increased size of viewed attachment pictures * Added ability to add attachment via Camera,file or screenshot – You can also upload the file to tapatalk image hosting built into application. *Added a post drafting system * Bug Fixes

MenuSearch App, Google Search Added To Your Blackberry Menu

Hit the Blackberry menu key and Google search will appear as one of the choices. This is a quick and easy way to search without having to launch the internet every time. Get it for free from our Nerdberry Store!

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: IM+ Pro for BlackBerry ONLY $9.99!

Chat in Skype, Facebook, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Yandex, VKontakte and MySpaceIM! Now with Twitter support! No cost per message! Send photos, videos, voice messages, and IM for FREE and save on MMS/SMS!

The Moron Challenge App For Blackberry Is Launched

Who’s a moron? Potentially you! Play this game to find out if you are.

Fancy Speed Test App For Your Blackberry Smart Phone, Free Download

Fancy Speed Test tests out your wireless connection speed, upload/download speeds and ping. Get it for free from our Nerdberry Store.

HD Red Glow Theme for Blackberry Smartphones

Hd Red Glow is a cool looking theme to give your Blackberry some cool 3D featured, Red icons. It is a simple and unique them and best of all you can get this theme from our Nerdberry App Store. Features include:

Easy Smiley Pack 2.0 for BlackBerry – Get your FREE Update today!

S4BB has released the latest update to their Easy Smiley program. 

Plants vs Zombies Avaliable for BlackBerry Smartphones!

I love Plants vs. Zombies and have wanted to play this game on my Blackberry Smartphone for the longest!!! Finally you can have your Plants vs Zombies fix! And best of all  you can grab this game from our Nerdberry App Store! A mob of zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: QuickLaunch – Save 50%!

QuickLaunch is a must have application for every BlackBerry owner. With an interface that is seamlessly integrated with the look of the BlackBerry OS, QuickLaunch will create shortcuts to most any application on your device with ease and style. In addition the many added functions included QuickLaunch will enable you to delete several other apps […]

Camera Timer App For Blackberry

Camera Timer is perfect for when you want to be part of a picture and you don’t have to find someone else to take it. Just like a full size camera, you set the timer on the camera app and 5, 10, 30 sec later, the phone will take the picture.

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: IM+ Pro for BlackBerry – Save 50%!

Chat in Skype, Facebook, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, AIM/iChat, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Yandex, VKontakte and MySpaceIM! Now with Twitter support! No cost per message! Send photos, videos, voice messages, and IM for FREE and save on MMS/SMS! Invite your friends to Skype, AIM, MSN or ICQ group chat and enjoy conversation!

Theme Review: Flying Witch Halloween Theme

With Halloween just around the corner, I like many am planning to be festive with costumes and the best part candy! Well how about a nice theme to give your favorite sweet Blackberry a “costume” for the holiday. Well Walker Themes gives you just that with the Flying Witch Halloween animated theme. This is a simple […]

Labyrinth Game For Blackberry Updated To v2.3.1 Now Includes Support For Certain OS7 Devices

Blackberry devices that have an accelerometer are able to play. Previously, it was just for the Torch and the Storms. But now all 3 new Torches are able to play this game.

Save 10% off All Apps in the NerdBerry Store! – Today through October 16th!!!

With all of the BES and BIS issues plaguing us right now we thought it would awesome if we have a sale in the NerdBerry Store! Today through October 16th, we are offering 10% off all apps in the store!!! Use code Nerdy in the app store and save 10% off your purchase! This code […]

NerdBerry Deal of the Day: BerryReader – Fully Synced Google Reader for only $4.99

BerryReader is a Google Reader client that allows you to read your Google Reader feeds on your BlackBerry everywhere you go, even when you do not have network coverage. BerryReader always stays fully synchronized to your Google Reader account. With BerryReader’s inline article reading and beautiful user interface reading news on the BlackBerry has never […]

Warcraft Crusader RPG for BlackBerry Smartphones

Do you love playing games on your Blackberry, remember the good old days of simple graphics and RPG games? Well relive that great past time with Warcraft Crusader on your Blackberry Smartphone. Since old times, demons evade the human world. They have different form and eating human’s organ. So human decide to form a mysterious organization, this […]

ToonLand Theme For Blackberry Torch 9800, Colorful And Free For Download

This theme features colorful characters and even a sun/moon that indicates the battery meter and a star for wifi strength. Get the free theme from our Nerdberry Store.