Koodo BlackBerry Q5 is coming soon

It seems that another Canadian carrier has decided to announce that they will be carrying the BlackBerry Q5.  Koodo mobile has now added the Q5 on their site, and put it up for a relatively affordable $350 outright.  Now of course you can drop that price a little bit by signing up on one of […]


BlackBerry R10 Caught On Camera Again this Time in Black

We have seen a few images of the BlackBerry Rumored R10 recently in Red and previously in white. This time around it gets snaps in a sleek tradition BlackBerry Black color. And this time with this image comes with a few specs: 3.1-inch display, 720 x 720 resolution 5MP rear camera, front camera Support to shoot […]

BlackBerry R10 gets pictured again – this time in red

We know that BlackBerry is planning on releasing up to six BlackBerry 10 devices this year, and we have already seen a leak photo of the supposed R10.  Well thanks to Instagram and people’s willingness to share anything and everything on there, we know have another photo of the R10 and this time it is […]

BlackBerry has “exciting” new flagship planned for later this year

In an interview with CNET, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, had some interesting comments to make. According to Heins BlackBerry has three to four new BlackBerry 10 devices planned for this year.  While we have previously learnt that they are not planning on releasing any low-end devices, they will be releasing some mid-tier ones.

Vodafone Ghana announces the BlackBerry Z10 is now available for Pre-order

Vodafone Ghana has been putting a push on bringing the latest and greatest smartphones to its customers.  They have announced that customers can pre-order the BlackBerry Z10 by sending in an email to preorder.gh@vodafone.com, that includes their name, number and location.

Looking To Upgrade To The BlackBerry Z10? Don’t Forget About The BlackBerry Trade-Up Program

If you are in the market for a BlackBerry Z10, but still have an older BlackBerry device that you would like to get rid of, don’t forget about the BlackBerry Trade Up program.  While you can sell your device privately for a little more cash, there is always a little uncertainty when doing so.  The […]

Rumored BlackBerry 10 phones release dates

As we get closer and closer to the new year, there are going to be rumors galore regarding the release dates of the new BlackBerry 10 phones.  We of course know that we will not see anything until January sometime at the earliest, but there hasn’t been anything definite laid out yet.  According to the latest […]

Jared Company survey shows 70% of existing BlackBerry users plan on upgrading to BlackBerry 10

If you are not familiar with The Jared Company, they are a development house that has been making BlackBerry apps for quite a while now.  Recently they decided to reach out their email subscribers to see how many of their users were planning on upgrading to BlackBerry 10 when the devices are finally released.  Surprisingly […]

Rob Orr of RIM believes Christmas Momentum is key for BlackBerry 10 in the UK

With RIM set to releases BlackBerry 10 and new devices in the near year, it does leave one wondering how they are going to do over the Christmas season.  Recent RIM Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, Rob Orr, believes that current BlackBerry 7 devices and RIM’s partnerships will be essential in keeping BlackBerry […]

Leaked Wind Mobile roadmap shows the BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9790 and the Torch 9810

If you happen to live in Canada and are somewhere where Wind Mobile has coverage then this may be of some interest.  A leaked roadmap for Wind shows that they are planning on releasing three new BlackBerry devices sometime in the near future.  The three devices listed on the roadmap are the Bold 9900 and […]

Despite Q2 earnings not all analysts are putting RIM out to pasture

When it comes to analysts and the word on the “Street”, yes I am referring to Wall Street and the Markets, RIM has been taking a bit of a beating lately.  While many of BlackBerry enthusiasts know deep down inside that RIM is going to come through on their promises of innovation and new QNX super-phones, not everyone shares […]

QNX phones set to be shown off at DevCon

The good news of an earnings call, regardless of the numbers, is that we usually get some more news and announcements. While we heard that the PlayBook 2.0 update wouldn’t be hitting until after DevCon, we did find out that we should see some QNX phones there. Both Jim Balsille and Mike Lazridis admitted that […]

RIM working on customizable keyboards according to patents

According to some patent filings that the gang over at N4BB got their hands on, RIM appears to be working on some customizable keyboards for their devices.  The patents seem to be specifically orientated to the physical keyboards, but the best guess is that RIM would also bring this concept to the virtual keyboard as well.  The […]

Perfecto Mobile allows developers to have remote access to BlackBerry 7 devices for app testing

When new phones and new operating systems are launched developers need to make sure that their apps work on the new hardware and software.  While we may take them for granted, these applications are people’s livelihoods and therefore they need to make sure that they are functional.  Perfecto Mobile provides developers remote access to the new BlackBerry 7 devices […]

Early sales figures show mixed results for BlackBerry 7 devices

According to RBC Capital Markets Managing Director Mike Abramsky, the initial sales figures on the new BlackBerry 7 devices are showing mixed results. While Sprint’s Bold 9930 has been doing well, and has been recorded as being sold out in 20% of locations (of the 40 stores surveyed),while the AT&T numbers on the Torch 9810 […]

AT&T Roadmap shows the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and Curve 9360 launching in Q4 2011

For all you AT&T customers out there that have been wondering when you are going to be able to get your hands on some of the new BlackBerry 7 devices, this roadmap will answer some questions and leave you baffled on others.  As you can see both the BlackBerry Torch 9860 and the BlackBerry Curve […]

RIM announces the new BlackBerry Curve 9350,9360 and 9370

Early this morning RIM finally announced and officially unveiled the new Curve line. RIM announced 3 new Curve devices the 9350, 9360 and the 9370. The 3 new BlackBerry Curves have some subtle differences that we will look at later. For now hit the jump to check out the press release from RIM.

Another Set Back For RIM? Why The Latest Devices Won’t Help Their Image

With all the fuss about these BlackBerry 7 devices, you would think that RIM had figured out how to save themselves from falling even further. Not so, according to reports: In a note to investors on Wednesday, RBC Capital Markets MD Mike Abramsky said that RIM will launch seven new BlackBerry 7 devices this year, […]

BlackBerry 9900 and 9810 Now In Rogers Upgrade System

Now that the new BlackBerry 7 devices have been officially announced the race is on for carriers to get them into the hands of the users.  Rogers is usually the first carrier in Canada to get new BlackBerry devices on the shelf and out the door, and it looks like BB7 devices will be no […]