RIM Sells NewBay After Extracting $45 Million In Value To Settle Patent Dispute

Let’s make some sense of RIM offloading NewBay, a company they purchased for roughly $100 Million, to Synchronoss Technologies for $55.5 million. RIM bought into the Irish cloud service company and then immediately offloaded it. Integration usually takes about a year. But integration is not what happened between these companies. Old management jumped into the purchase of NewBay without doing […]

RIM Sells NewBay For $55.5 Million To Synchronoss Technologies

It wasn’t that long ago that we reported on the acquisition of NewBay by RIM. Back in October of last year we all speculated that RIM had made the acquisition to help with their cloud storage plans, however today RIM has announced that they have sold NewBay to Synchronoss Technologies for half of the $100 […]

RIM Officially Acquires NewBay

RIM has officially finalized the acquistion of Ireland based digital content company NewBay.  The signing of a  $100 million, deal that will allow RIM to make way for new digitial content for the new Blackberry X OS.