Patent Troll Gobbles up 2,000 Patents from Ericsson as Fuel to Suing RIM, Apple, and Google

Patent Troll Unwired Planet last year filed a patent infringement complaint towards RIM and a few other big name companies, Apple and Google included. They now have purchased more than 2,000 new patents to add to it portfolio. Ericsson has transferred 2,185 U.S and international patents and patent applications to Unwired Planet, mostly containing 2G, […]

RIM Gets Sued By A Company Called Graphic Properties

Here we go again. Another day, another sue? RIM is being sued by “patent troll” Graphic Properties. Joining them is Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC. So what are they suing for?: A single patent which “a computer graphics process that turns text and images into pixels to be displayed on screens.”