See More Pictures Of The BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982

There have already been some reveals of the upcoming BlackBerry P’9982, but there is still plenty more to look at. I don’t anticipate there is anything left that hasn’t been leaked about this device. The launch of the P9982 is just over a week away, over in Dubai. There have already been some reveals of […]


FM Radio Coming in BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

Going through the latest leak for BlackBerry 10, one of the many feature to be included in the official releases of the new OS is the new FM Radio, that will allow you to connect to local radio stations through your BlackBerry 10 devices, using your headphones as the radio antenna, so there is […]

See What’s Coming In The 10.2.1 Update

The leaked photos above and below show what’s to come in the next update. The 10.2 update brought a lot of new features and fixes. 10.2.1 isn’t as big but still has some cool things to offer. One new feature is customizable quick settings screen that will allow you to choose what you see in […]

A Few More Pictures Of The BlackBerry Z30, Including One Next To The Nokia Lumia 925

Just a few leaked photos of the Z30. There’s also one of the Z30sitting next to the Nokia Lumia 925. The Z30 has a model number STA100-2 running OS That extra bit at the bottom makes the look sleeker, in my opinion. Check out the other two pictures below. Source:BBE

T-Mobile US BBM To Be Included In Unlimited Text Packages

As you can see in the photo to the left, this internal document shows that TMO customers can use BBM on their Blackberry even if they don’t have a data plan. If you have a Blackberry already, and you don’t have data, the document also mentions that no action is needed. October 21st is when […]

Desktop Software Going To Be In The Past? Replaced By Link?

BlackBerry Link is looking to be the future replacement of desktop software. That is if the picture to the left is to be believed. The phone was shown at Blackberry Jam Americas.

Leaked Internal Slides Show Possible Upcoming BES 10 May 2013

Lately all the talk has been focused on BB10. Now these slides show that RIM has a plan to launch BES 10 May 2013. Blackberry World is usually around the same time so maybe it will launch at the showcase. hit the break for more photos

Leaked Battery And Homescreen Pictures Of Blackberry 10

Blackberry Italia has leaked pictures of the Homescreen and battery of Blackberry 10. There is also a short video that shows you how to insert the battery and sim card into the phone. Also of note is the homescreen icons, StoryMaker, FocalPoint, Browser and Maps which are new icons, or at least ones that have […]

Leaked Photos: BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email, Contacts and Calendar Screenshots

Ok I really can not wait until we finally can have the full release of the new 2.o updated for the Blackberry Playbook, and until that day we will have to settle for the Blackberry Playbook 2.0 Beta and the for leaked screenshots. These new images are showing off some nice features like native email, integrated […]

RIM Confirms Blackberry Bold 9790 On Their Website As A Comparison To The 9780, A Strange Way To Let Users Know It’s Coming

The long rumored Blackberry Bold 9790 has been confirmed by RIM themselves, but not in the way that you would think. If you head to their site and want to compare a 9700 to a 9780, you will get a 9790 and a 9780.

Sprint Curve 9350 Spotted in the Wild!

We reported that the Curve 9350 was being held up in production due to some issues but we found a picture that shows the phone with a Sprint splash screen and the Sprint badging on the device.  We also know that Sprint is hosting an event with RIM and more than likely we will hear […]

Leaked Photos: Check Out Another Two Photos Of PlayBook’s OS 2.0

Earlier today we posted a picture of OS 2.0, well we just got word and proof of another screen shot. Hit the break for one more

Blackberry Bold 9900 To Be Sold Soon In Kuwait, Showcased Picture Taken As Proof

The picture above, was taken in a Eureka store in Salmiya , Kuwait. This proves that the Blackberry brand is reaching cities all over the world. The expected price is 200KD but there is no exact launch date. Source

BlackBerry Curve 9360 Has NFC Built In? (Pictures)

   A while back we made a mention of the new blackberries coming with NFC chips. Later it was reported that not all of the OS7 handsets would have NFC available.  We now have images that support the NFC function on the Curve 9360.  My whole thought process on this would be if the phone […]

White AT&T BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 Shows up at #BlackBerry7 Fan Night

As you can see from the grainy picture above AT&T will be once again launching the Torch 2 in both Gray and White.  Big shout out to BBE on this find.

Sprint Torch 9850 Spotted

Lucas at N4BB posted up a picture of a 9850 sporting a Sprint background.  Looks like all of the OS7 devices are starting to come out of hiding and showing themselves.  Hopefully that means that they are close to release after all we did just see and AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9860 Photographed in the Wild!

Leaked AT&T Holiday Catalog Photo Shows Torch in Red and White

If anyone of you remember way back there were rumors of a Torch coming out in red, also recently there have been rumors of a white version. Well it looks like these rumors are true. As you can see from the leaked photo the two colors will be available from AT&T and should be out […]