Create a BBM Channel PIN Badge for display on your website or blog

BlackBerry is really working on getting BBM Channels up and running and at the same time giving you the ability to market your channel in different forms. BlackBerry has just set up a new way to have people add themselves to your BBM Channel by using an embeded image in your website and or blog […]


What is a custom BBM PIN worth to you?

BlackBerry has been working on several different was on how to monetize BBM. A couple of ways that will accomplish this is the use of sponsored ads within BBM, as well as the BBM Store were you can purchase stickers and such to be used with BBM. In a recent survey that was sent out […]

Share Your BBM PIN with Style using BBM PIN Card

BlackBerry Messenger going cross-platform was one of the best ideas BlackBerry could have done! If you have yet to add all of your friends to BBM now you can with style and your own pazzazz with your own customized BBM PIN Card. Choose your favorite country’s flag to show your national pride, upload your own […]

Looking to connect with new and old friends on BBM? Check out BBMpire!

Our good friends over at BBE just let me know that they have went live with their new BBM Pin sharing network titled They are still ironing out the website to make it look amazing, but at this time it is good to go! Here is  what BBE had to say about […]

How To: Identify the PIN of Your BlackBerry PlayBook

#TeamBlackBerry – If I asked you for your BlackBerry® PlayBook tablet PIN, would you know where to find it? For those of you that don’t know the answer to this question, here are a few of the locations where you can obtain the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PIN.

Rumor: We will see the PlayBook 2.0 update before February?

According to a source of BGR we may not see the official PlayBook 2.0 update until Febraury of 2012.  After DevCon and the release of the beta developer build of the 2.0 update this doesn’t really surprise me.  The main issue seems to be revolving around the fact that BlackBerry PIN’s have always been limited […], A Way To Find Old And New Friends

Much like how you search for people on Facebook, you use to find people with similar interests or even people you already know(but didn’t know were on BBM). You can also conveniently share your PIN.

Video: Swaggberry By JJ Money

YouTube Mobile Link Somebody has a lot of love for their Blackberry! This could totally be used for a future Blackberry commercial. I wonder if that PIN works.. Watch the video! Source

Video: BlackBerry PlayBook PIN and Media Sync!

  Mobile Link IntoMobile captured some new video on the BlackBerry PlayBook utilizing Desktop Manager’s media sync option. Along with the media sync you will notice around 25 second mark you will see that the BlackBerry PlayBook on demo at SXSW has a PIN! So one can only ask will the PlayBook have BBM built […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Has a PIN Number… and a VendorID?

While digging thru the API documentation for the BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe Air something interesting was uncovered. There are two thing that will certainly be similar between the Tablet and the smart phone. Those two things are the PIN and VendorID. As we have stated earlier, it was announced that the PlayBook would […]

Snooki from Jersey Shore posts her BlackBerry PIN on twitter!

Looks like Snooki made a mistake.  She posted her BlackBerry PIN to her twitter account.  Not a good thing to do when you’ve 300,000+ followers..  she claims it was an accident. She had to ditch her old BlackBerry and get a new one.  Was she attempting to do a BBM Stress Test of her own?  […]