BlackBerry Leap heading to Canada with a price tag of $349

BlackBerry has been rolling out pre-orders world wide over the last week or so. Since the pre-order’s have started there has been no word on what the BlackBerry Leap would cost in Canada, until now. The BlackBerry Leap will be released with a cost of $349. Currently the Canadian ShopBlackBerry website lists the BlackBerry Leap […]

Bell BlackBerry Classic will run $49.95 on a two-year contract

If you are looking for a great deal on the unreleased BlackBerry Classic on Bell then you are in luck! As we are waiting for the launch of the Classic on December 17th Bell has listed the BlackBerry Classic online for just $49.95 on a two-year contract! That a huge savings as the device is […]

Carphone Warehouse lowers the price of the BlackBerry Z30

Well here is something we really did not expect so soon, Carphone Warehouse has lowered the cost on the recently released BlackBerry Z30! You can now pick up a SIM free BlackBerry Z30 for just £419.95, other retailers are offering the BlackBerry Z30 for around £500.00. Are you planning on picking up the BlackBerry Z30 […]

BlackBerry Z30 will set you back $700

Well if you are in Canada and are planing on picking up the BlackBerry Z30 off contract you will need to save some money up. The BlackBerry Z30 off contract will set you back $699.95! At this time there is still no word for on contract pricing at this time. The BlackBerry Z30 sports a […]

Koodo Mobile prices the BlackBerry Q10 at $625 outright

Koodo has released their outright off contract pricing for the BlackBerry Q10. The Koodo BlackBerry Q10 will sell for $625 with out a contract and is now currently listed as “coming soon” on their website. BlackBerry’s first BlackBerry 10 QWERTY device is expected to launch on May first. Head on over to Koodo for more […]

iPad Mini vs BlackBerry Playbook? Rene Ritchie weighs in

Rene Ritchie @reneritchie, has written up an interesting piece about Playbook in regards to current competition offerings and pricing. While he may be Editor-in-Chief of iMore his views are very impartial. He doesn’t say the PlayBook is a better deal than the iPad Mini, but he does offer his opinion in regards to the value propositions of both devices and he […]