Bell Updated Push-to-talk App to v7.1.0.27

Bell Mobility has updated their push to talk application in App World to version instant connection with Canada’s best Push-to-talk service on a 4G network – only from Bell. Connect to one or many users in less than one second while using everything a smartphone offers like email, hi-res screens and web browsing with […]


Bell Releases Bell Push-to-talk App for BlackBerry

Bell has released their very own Push-to-talk application for BlackBerry smartphones in App World! Take advantage of Canada’s largest North American Push to Talk coverage area on Bell’s 4G Network. Now available on your BlackBerry® device, download this free app and instantly connect with just a push of a button. This ideal communication solution will […]

Zello Makes Your Phone Into A Walkie Talkie, Cross Platform Too

Zello covers Android, Blackberry and Windows devices, but not iOS quite yet. So anyone who has these devices can download the app and communicate via Zello channels. It is a push to talk “walkie talkie”, so it doesn’t use your minutes and you don’t need a separate device.

BeepUs Push-to-Talk for BBM Updated to v1.0.3

Check out the evolution of BBM - BeepUs is a Push to Talk (PTT) and IM Client. The Application is BBM™ Connected and checks your contact list looking for users from BeepUs.

BeepUs a Push-to-Talk for BBM!

BeepUs is a push-to-talk application for your BlackBerry. BeepUs is a BlackBerry Messenger Connected application that works seamlessly. Tuk Digital Solutions is the developer behind the application, here is a list of their apps CineMÃO, Vademecumm, Tábua das Marés 2011.

Loudtalks Push to Talk App Updated to v1.0.14

Loudtalk is a free Push to Talk Application avaliable for BES users over GPRS or EDGE or 3G or WiFi, it has been updated to v1.0.14. Check the links below to download Loudtalk Lite. Download Loudtalks Lite for OS 5.0 / 6.0 Download Loudtalks Lite for OS 4.5 / 4.6 More info from Loudtalks Beta App

Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap Leaked includes Monoco and Bold Touch

It seems that Sprint’s Q3 Roadmap has been leaked and there are some details of a few up and coming devices, and while they released details of some other devices, it is very interesting of just what new Blackberry devices they will have in store.  Here is what has been reported to be expected: BlackBerry […]