What’s New in the PlayBook OS

RIM has posted a change log for OS on their Inside BlackBerry Blog. The changes are below: What’s new is OS Improved connectivity & productivity with the BlackBerry Bridge application Enhanced Support for Saving Attachments – The BlackBerry® Bridge™ app offers you more flexibility around where and how you save attachments for viewing and […]


BlackBerry PlayBook OS Updated to v1.0.7.2650!

RIM has begun rolling out an OS update for the BlackBerry PlayBook to v1.0.7.2650. Just as we told you earlier that BlackBerry Bridge App had been updated to v1.0.4.9. We knew it was just a matter of time before RIM released the update! Now keep in mind I have not seen the update myself but […]

4G Blackberry Playbooks Coming Soon, as RIM to Slow Production of Wi-Fi Models?

According to BGR, a tech enthusiast blog, Research In Motion is planning to stop production on the Blackberry Playbook’s Wi-Fi model, which is the only current known Playbook in production. It seems that slow sells of the Wi-Fi versions are the culprit. Which makes us wonder are they stoping production of the wi-fi only model […]

More evidence of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS v1.0.7 Update Coming Today!

Here is some more proof that the BlackBerry PlayBook will get an OS update to v1.0.7 today! Just the other day we posted this post: The BlackBerry PlayBook Will Get Update to v1.0.7 on Friday! Native Email and PIM Possibly Pushed Back Until After “Late Summer!”

Video: QNX CAR Shows Off-Board Navigation

Mobile Link As well all know the Blackberry Playbook has QNX rocking it and rolling it all around it. Today QNX shows us how the Blackberry Playbook software is rocking in thier QNX car while your rolling on the road. The QNX Car platform has been demostrated before, and with this video shows off a […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 OS 7.1 Coming Soon? QNX???

  LogicMail developer, Derek Konigsberg has noticed that the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810 has shown up in his application stats. The Torch 2 was running OS OS, which is very interesting considering the OS 7 has not even been released yet. It appears as though RIM is test OS 7.1 now. Could OS 7.1 […]

Blackberry Dev’s “Letter from Outer Space”

In the media recently RIM has been on the shaper edge of the axe, and last week with the “Open Letters from “RIM Employees” it more so added fire to the flame. And once again we have another letter to RIM and its future in the global market. But this one is slightly different from a […]

BlackBerry Customer Success Stories App Now Available for BlackBerry PlayBook

RIM just released the BlackBerry Success Stories App for the PlayBook. This allows for all of RIM’s sucess stories to be presented in a flash and online format. Some of the cool things in this app are: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet multi-gesture/touch support Full screen scaling to HD (1080p) format for tradeshow/in-person use Product filter Ability […]

RIM’s Responds to “Open Letter”

Earlier we brought you news of an open letter by an high level RIM employee, now RIM has officially responded to this claim letter. An “Open Letter” to RIM’s senior management was published anonymously on the web today and it was attributed to an unnamed person described as a “high level employee”. It is obviously […]

RIM is Working on a ‘BlackBerry Media Box’ Similar to Apple TV?

The folks over at N4BB have added a new item to the rumor mill coming from RIM.  Supposedly the Waterloo camp is working on a rival to to Apple’s “Apple TV” accessory that they have had on the market for a while.  It is rumored to function on the same software/hardware group that the Playbook is […]

Open Letter to RIM bosses: Senior RIM Exec Details His Proposition in Company’s Future!

Over the past few months it is no new news that RIM is in a transitional period with the launches of new products and new operating system that have yet to show strong support by the general public, more so because of timing and knowledge of said devices. RIM really has implemented a new way […]

Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook 2 (10 inch) Cancelled, RIM to focus on the BlackBerry “SuperPhone”!

The rumor mill is hard at work today! Thin info comes via N4BB, it is being rumored that the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 (10 inch) has been cancelled and RIM is now focused on the first QNX powered BlackBerry“SuperPhone.” Here are some of the rumored specs: 1.2GHz processor (single or dual) 900+ screen resolution 4.3″ touchscreen […]

RIM Lowers Blackberry Playbook Sales Targets for Q2, Report Claims

After releasing its first quarter fiscal results RIM, according to sources from Taiwan supply-chains, maybe lowering its expected target sales for the Blackberry Playbook. Granted the Blackberry Playbook sold between 40,000 to 50,000 units the first day, RIM has lowered its Q2 estimates from 2.4-2.5 million Playbooks to a 800,000-900,000 units estimate. Noteworthy, despite lowered […]

QNX To Come To Superphones In The Near Future, Carlo Chiarello RIM VP Confirms

Carlo Chiarello who is RIM’s VP of GSM/UMTS, said: “That [QNX] experience is going to start to come in to our high tier products. I can’t tell you when; I’m not allowed to. But it’s absolutely part and parcel of what we’re working on now. “I can tell you that it’s going to come in […]

2011 International Telematics To Feature QNX Director Andrew Poliak

The 2011 International Telematics conference has already started and is going to feature many speakers. Andrew Poliak, who is Director – Business Development Automotive at QNX, will be doing a presentation on “Transform Cars into the “Ultimate” Connected Device”. Check out here for the full list of speakers and their presentations. What’s Andrew going to […]

New Blackberry Devices Snapped in Lineup

  Check out these new exclusive photo lineup of the rumored devices of 2011, all the devices includeing the Bold Touch, the Blackberry 9850/9860, the Blackberry Torch 2, and the Blackberry Apollo! We have seen leaks of these devices but never have we seen them up close and personal all lined up next to one another, […]

Corvette Multi Media Head Unit Powered By QNX

As many of you know QNX has been around for a while now and they have ventured into the automotive market. QNX is resposible for the Mulitmedia head unit in the new Chevy Corvette.  This head unit allows the car to be able to stream music, videos (while parked), and a lot of other cool […]

First BlackBerry PlayBook Commercial Hits The Airwaves!! [Video]

[Youtube Mobile Link] It has been just about a week since the BlackBerry PlayBook hit retailers and was made available to the masses, and now we finally have a commercial.  The main focus of this 30 second clip is the portability and mobility of the tablet.  I am surprised that it took this long for a commercial […]

Playbook to have OS update when Released.

One of our friends at PocketBerry attended a PlayBook event in New York and noticed that there was a different OS verison on the display units. He asked some of the RIM reps about this and they told him that there will be an OS update (OTA) for the PlayBook as soon as it is […]

BlackBerry OS 7 “Highlander” to Mixes OS 6.1 and QNX

  We now know what we can kind of expect in the BlackBerry OS 7. RIM will be mixing OS 6.1 and QNX together to form OS 7! According to Gist of CTO of software, David Yach, keynote at RIM’s internal RDX dev conference today: A big portion of the talk is focusing on the […]