QNX CAR 2 Wins “Car Tech” Award from CNET in Best of CES 2012!

CNET has a segment called the “Best of CES” the show of the best of the best in technolgy, they have multiple multiple categories. RIM has won this years “Car Tech” award for their QNX CAR 2!

QNX Automotive Dev discusses HTML5 for infotainment systems

Most application developers are starting to lean towards HTML5, RIM made an announcement last year sometime that they will also start to implement HTML5 into the applications that are available on the Playbook.  Here is a video featuring Sheridan Ethier that discusses how HTML5 and QNX work function within infotainment systems in today’s cars.  Hit […]

New QNX Platform to Transform the Automotive Experience with the Power of HTML5

Platform will enable automakers to create new user experiences, keep vehicles fresh with new features, and leverage the rapid evolution of mobile applications LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(Marketwire – Jan. 9, 2012) – 2012 International CES, (South Hall, Booth 30326) HTML5 represents the future of the connected car, and today, QNX Software Systems Limited will demonstrate how […]

Latest QNX Concept Car Puts Connected Consumer in the Driver’s Seat

QNX Software Systems and its partners demo cloud-connected concept Porsche Carrera, smart phone and tablet integration, and automotive user interfaces transformed with HTML5 LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(Marketwire – Jan. 9, 2012) – 2012 International CES, (South Hall, Booth 30326) QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for the in-car telematics and infotainment market, […]

Free QNX Concept Car PlayBook Wallpaper

Are you looking for a very uniqe wallpaper for your BlackBerry PlayBook? Well look no further!! Back at the beginning of the year at BlackBerry World 2011, RIM brought out a concept QNX Chevrolet Corvette. Well the image shows off this very cool Vette.

Video:Blackberry Playbook Moon Project Preview 3D Model Of Space Vehicle

It’s been a while since the moon project has been mentioned. To recap, the group has plans to take the Playbook to the moon via a space vehicle controlled by the Playbook. Hit the break for the video!

Plane Runs On Solar Energy Without Fuel And Uses QNX For Control and Data Management Functions

Solar Impulse is the first plane to operate without fuel, on solar power, day or night. For the time being, it can only carry one passenger, but I think it is a promising invention that they can fly a plane on no fuel. hit the break for a video!

Why the Fire Sale on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Reports are circling the net that the fire sale on the PlayBook is to clear the old stock out for a relaunch of the PlayBook next year. The new PlayBook will launch with OS 2.0 along with new box art and more advertisements that focus on the new features of OS 2.0.

RIM to Remain in Motion with Flash on the BlackBerry PlayBook, Even If it Dies!

We told you earlier this week, on Adobe’s push to rid development on mobile devices and televisions. But that in no way will stop RIM from continuing it flash support on the Blackberry Playbook, which does run flash, and does an excellent job at it, ahem Apple! RIM is focus on the future and a […]

Analyst Claim BBX Phones Coming in Q2

Well here we go again, analyst Jeff Kvall of Barclays Capital has downgraded RIM’s stock from $40 to $23 because RIM’s products which include the QNX delay as well as other anticipated BBX news, he shares his insight:

Andy Gryc Gets Interviewed About QNX Car Application

Andy Gryc was interviewed along with Paul Skyes of Freescale. They talked about QNX and Freescale, and how the companies are discussing the challenges of developing the infotainment system for cars and how they can also simplify the design process.

BlackBerry PlayBook Developer Beta OS Now Available for Download

***UPDATE***: App World has been removed from this OS updated! The only way to load apps it to sideload them We suggest you do not do the update if you want to continue to use App World! A new version of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS v2.0 Developer Beta is now available for developers to test […]

Rumor: New mock up and potential specs for the first BBX BlackBerry “Superphone”

As you can see the title for this one starts with “rumor” so remember to take this all with a grain of salt.  According to N4BB the first BlackBerry BBX based superphone, the Colt, will potential resemble what you see in the pic.  The phone is expected to have a 1.2 GHz single core processor, […]