Playbook Pricing Rumored To Be Starting At $399

Since the Playbook was announced at Devcon there are rumors flying around at what the pricing will be. We have all speculated at what we think the pricing will be and whether or not it will be competitive with the iPad and other tablet devices. Well the gang over at Mobility Insider have posted what […]


Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook to be released in January!?!

  Thanks to an informant for Gizmo Fusion, We are hearing a rumor that the BlackBerry PlayBook is set to be released as early as January! We do not know if it will be sold through carrier’s, or through retailers, or even both. Stay tuned as more info comes in and please feel free to […]

BlackBerry tablet coming soon?

For those of you who were doubting RIM making a tablet, listen up!  Further confirmation that this is real has just surfaced, thanks to public domain records.  RIM has recently purchased the domain name, leading to speculation that the BlackBerry tablet will be called the “BlackPad” taking after Apple’s “iPad” device.  This could still […]

Facebook App to get much needed Chat Function?

As I’m sure many of you have seen already, there is a rumor going around that the RIM Facebook app will eventually have the chat option integrated in. Currently v1.8 of the app is in closed beta testing, and the rumor is that the chat option may not be available till v2.0. Apparently the app […]