Two New Games For The Playbook, A Bowling Game And A Card Game

10 Pin Shuffle for the Playbook was just launched this week. Highlights for this game is three choices for playing: classic bowling, shuffleboard, or 10 pin poker. Features: * Impressive 3D graphics. * Scoreloop online leaderboards and achievements. * Real 3D physics engine and accurate pin physics. * Instant replays of great shots.

Spider Solitaire For Blackberry

I love solitaire! Spider solitaire just kicks it up a notch. This one has the title of Spider but it also comes with regular solitaire. Two for one, my kind of deal. It is harder to find Solitaire games for Blackberry that are compatible with the older devices, but this one is.

Solitaire With BBM Connect! For Blackberry Smartphones And Free To Download

I love Solitaire. Favorite card game ever and you don’t need another person to play. This Solitaire game is for your Blackberry and it has BBM connect. Since it is a single player game, you obviously aren’t going to play against someone else on BBM, but you can challenge them to beat your score.