CascaRun Sports Tracker Update, Audio Feedback Added In

I stay active and love a good run and a goody that I have been using lately is CascaRun Sports Tracker, and it has been updated with a great missing feature Audio Feedback has been added in. CascaRun is a native Sports Tracking application optimized for BlackBerry 10 devices which provides a user-friendly and powerful […]

Endomondo Hints at BlackBerry Live Announcement Coming Next Week

BlackBerry has continue to work behind the scenes to get big name and key application onto the BlackBerry computing platform, Endomondo the running and exercise application was thought to port their android application to the BlackBerry 10 OS, however issues with the Google Map API is preventing that. Endomondo has made an announcement that they will be bringing some […]

Endomondo Sports Tracker hits 10 million user milestone, and 320 million miles logged

One of the best sports tracker apps out there is Endomondo, and obviously a lot of people agree on this. Endomondo has announced today that they have hit the 10 million user mark, and have had 320 million miles tracked with their app. The app lets you easily track running, cycling, or whatever other sport […]