BlackBerry usage is on the rise in Africa

In a new study from GeoPoll BlackBerry usage is on the rise. The study conducted in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda, shows BlackBerry will grow from just 6% market share to 16% within the next year. Check out more on the study below: “BlackBerry Still Regarded a Status Symbol in Africa,” reads a […]

Educate Yourself with your BlackBerry and GCSE apps!

Would you like to help yourself learn, study, and do better with your school work? Well now you can with GCSE apps! Theses are some great Free Education applications too help you study and learn material over a variety of subjects and use can use the applications with BBM for a better experience. Hit the jump to download […]

Blackberry Project- A Study Done On Adolescent Texting

In a study done over 4 years by Marion Underwood, a professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, 175 students were surveyed. That is their texts sent to and from were analyzed. Those participating got a free Blackberry, plus the necessary plans (texting and data). The only catch was, that Underwoods’s team got to […]

BlackBerry Users Tend to Be Older and Wealthier, Study Finds

  ComScore has released an interesting new study that shows the breakdown in ages and household income in the US. They have found the Blackberry user tend to be inclined to being that of older and more wealthier variances. Which would make sense as the Blackberry Device is not an iToy. Hit the jump for all the details.

Ipsos Reid: BlackBerry Still Dominates The Battle Of The Smartphone Brands In Canada

Says Mary Beth Barbour, Senior Vice President of Ipsos Reid. Ipsos Reid did two studies both in January and August of 2011. Blackberry had 41% in January and 38% in August, of the smartphone share in Canada.

Android hardware fails more than BlackBerry; Repairs Cost $2 billion A Year

Blackberry Smartphones have always been known for their reliability compared to the other iDevices and those running, the Android platform. Many of those companies focus on quantity of device over quality.Android smartphones has cost carriers well over $2 billion per year from a study from WDS. 12.6% of all technical support calls related to Android in the […]