Thorsten Heins Confirms All PlayBooks Will Get BlackBerry 10 Update

We have known that the BlackBerry PlayBook would received their additions and updates to BlackBerry 10! Thorsten Heins confirmed it in an interview with CNBC: We will continue to be in the tablet market. Making money with a tablet is difficult. We will provide BlackBerry 10 software updates for all of the PlayBooks that are out there. So, the […]

Is Thorsten Heins Changing The Face of RIM in More Ways Than One?

As BlackBerry World Conference continues on in full swing, it’s seems that one thing is becoming increasingly obvious: Thorsten Heins is significantly  more social with the BlackBerry community in comparison to Mike Lazaridis. Thorsten’s attempts at truly being a part of the people who adore everything BlackBerry proves to me that RIM is seriously changing […]