Carrier IQ Details about what Information is Collected from Your Smartphone

When we first heard news of CarrierIQ of how it was a major breech in Blackberry Security, being it that it was secretly tracking everything you do on your Blackberry. RIM has stated that although there is a Carrier IQ app available for download, but RIM says, they do not install the software or require carriers to do […]


Carrier IQ is NOT installed on BlackBerry Devices

Yesterday we told you about Carrier IQ and how it secretly tracks you. Today, Mark Sohm, a BlackBerry Development Adviser, posted this statement in the BlackBerry support forums:

StockPulse – Stocks Tracker for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are a business advocate and like to keep up with the latest stocks, even though they have more down than up lately. StockPulse, is offering a new application for the Blackberry Playbook and you can grab if from Blackberry App World and its coming in at a $5.99 price tag that hopefully rush us all into a bear […]

RIM Knows Where You Are All The Time – Collecting Data From Your BlackBerry “To improve the speed and accuracy of future location services”

We have all heard about Apple tracking iPhone user locations, now it appears as though RIM has been tracking us as well. I stumbled across the below article this morning, so check it out and tell us what you think. A few weeks ago, there were big fuss around iPhones/iPads tracking users every move, which […]