Fixmo Tools Updated to v2.0 Adds a Ton of New Features!

Fixmo Tools has been updated to v2.0 with a ton of new features. Fixmo Inc. has included the main features from the Chocolate Chunk Apps along with a ton of other improvements. They have also organized the UI across the board.  Fixmo Tools will do the following: Fixmo Tools 2.0 is like a utility belt […]


Bing for BlackBerry Updated – Now Supports BBOS 6

We just received word the Bing for BlackBerry has been updated. If you don’t know what Bing is well here your are, Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google. Yup, That pretty much sums it up. The update to Bing includes support for BlackBerry 6 and other features: Homepage Hotspots: If you have a little time […]

Google Maps Updated To v4.5.2

Google has just updated Google Maps for BlackBerry to v4.5.2. We do not have a change log at this time. This is the first update to Google Maps since October 22 2010.  Download Google Maps v4.5.2 directly to you BlackBerry at Source

Seesmic for Blackberry Updated to v1.4.2 – Minor Improvements and Updates

The last time we saw a Seesmic updated was back on August 26 2010, So it’s been awhile since we have heard from them. Well Seesmic for Blackberry has been updated to v1.4.2 today to address bugs as well as add some new features. What’s Changed?: Improvements in the photo picker in the composer Display […]

BeeJive IM Receives Small Updated to v2.1.1

BeeJive IM has received a small update from v.2.1 to v.2.1.1. In the update v.2.1.1 has fixed Facebook connect issues the have plagde a lot of people including        myself. BeeJive is a very popular IM app as it includes a multitude of IM clients all in one. The app includes Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, Facebook, and […]

Updated: FileScout for BlackBerry to v2.5 integrates with Dropbox!

FileScout has been updated to v2.5 and includes a ton of new options and more. With FileScout’s update including support for Dropbox and is now shown on the Dropbox website as an official plugin for the BlackBerry application. We just posted that Dropbox was updated to v1.0.39.1. The official plugin lets you send and recieve files from […]

Updated: Dropbox for BlackBerry to v1.0.39.1

Dropbox has been updated to v1.0.39.1. If your not filimal with Dropbox chack out the video below: Mobile Link What’s Changed?: • Correction of failure of rotation in user interface on some screens • BES Permissions Problems • Correction to try to raise the issues and technical problems associated with the user interface • File […]

Xobni Updated! Free and Paid versions!!!

  Xboni has become a great app for contact management and linking. It simplifies your contacts list and makes it alot more friendly. here is a list of what the app has to offer. Professional Contact Management – Automatically created profiles for every person with whomyou’ve ever communicated. Complete with photos, contact info, recent emails, […]

Updated: Kayak for BlackBerry to v2.0.1

Kayak has been updated to v2.0.1. Find airfares and hotel prices quickly, for free!  Why pay for looking up airfares when Kayak gives it to you for nothing? Use KAYAK for changing your flight at the airport, or finding a hotel at the last minute. You can book online with the airline or hotel site of […]

Updated: TuneIn Radio To Version 1.5

TuneIn Radio has been updated to v1.5. TuneIn Radio is a free Internet streaming radio app  for BlackBerry with over 40,000 radio stations, including local AM/FM stations. Here is what has changed in v1.5: Option to play via wired or bluetooth headset Option to add custom stream URL to presets Added Copy Song Info option to […]

Updated:Google Mobile App To Version 3.9.6

Google has officially updated their Google Mobile App to version 3.9.6. We have been unable to locate a change log but we will still keep our eyes out for it. Features of this app include: Web, Image, Product and News Search My Location Local Search and Directory Movie Times Latest Results Instant for mobile, Beta You can download […]

Updated: Pandora to v1.1.6

I am not sure about you but I use Pandora all of the time at the office, home and of course the car. Well the folks over at Pandora have updated their popular Internet radio app for BlackBerry from v1.1.5 to v1.1.6. It is just a small update so we are assuming it just bug […]

Trillian Comes Out of Beta With v1.1.029

Trillian has finally come out of beta.  If you remember back in October Trillian jumped up to v1.1 in a public beta, well now they have gone full out public.  Some of the new updates include “launch on boot’ and message app integration.  There is no change log as of yet, but the new features are… Landscape […]

Google Maps Now Supports Blackberry 6 JavaScript

For any Blackberry 6 users that aren’t big fans of Blackberry Maps, or just prefer Google Maps today is a good day. Google has finally updated their API by releasing their JavaScript API v3. This API was needed for google maps to work with the new WebKit browser that comes with the new operating system. […]

Untappd redesigns mobile site to allow Pre OS6 devices to get in on the fun

UnTappd a Social site for Drinkers and Pub visitors has just opened the gates to their world a little wider. Until now their mobile site would not work on pre OS 6 devices. this was due to the way the site was designed. They have heard our cries and have redesigned it to allow us […]

RIM acquiring The Astonishing Tribe (AKA TAT)

RIM announced today on a blog posting they they have acquired a firm Called The Astonishing Tribe or TAT for short. For those of you who don’t know they have made some of the most innovative user interfaces available today. This groups is responsible for the intuitive interface that was used in 2008 on the […]

Ebay app for Blackberry Update version

The Ebay app (I use it every single day) has been update to version With this update brings a new feature called deal finder. This new feature replaces the Ebay deals that used to be the main home screen of the app. The difference here is that it shows you a comparison to prices […]

Celebrities Sacrifice their digital lives to save real ones from AIDS and HIV

Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian), Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest), Jay Sean (@jaysean) and other celebrities  flash their BlackBerries in commercials to help save the lives of children in a nationwide advertisement campaign starting today. These celebrities will stop tweeting, facebooking and updating other social media outlets in an effort to raise $1,000,000. Below are the ads for Kim […]

UPS Blackberry App Now Available To Canada, Germany, UK, Italy and France

The Blackberry UPS app is now available to users outside the US. The updated list of countries includes Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK and France. This is great news to anyone within those countries that has a lot of items shipped via UPS. You will now be able to track any shipments for your Blackberry […]

WordPress For Blackberry Updated To v1.4.5

For any of you that use WordPress for your blogging, the Blackberry WordPress App has been updated to version 1.4.5. There hasn’t been a detailed change log released for this one, and after using it a little my guess is that the changes are mainly behind the scenes fixes. If you use the WordPress App […]