Walmart Canada Joins In The BlackBerry 10 Pre Orders

Walmart Canada confirms on their Facebook page that certain stores will be taking the BlackBerry 10 pre orders.

BlackBerry PlayBook pulled from online stores in US and Canada, Points to 4G LTE Model Release?

All current Wi-Fi models of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablets have been pulled from online retail stores of top retailers in the United States and Canada, does this mean that we will be seeing the release of the new BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE Models?

Walmart Selling The 32GB Playbook For A Low $118

If you were wanting to just get an ereader, you should get this instead. You can do so much more and it is a really good deal. Seriously, $118 for a video player, music player, internet, apps and reading.

Get the 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook from Walmart Canada for Only $148.99

If you are in Canada and are looking to pick up a PlayBook you will be happy to know that Walmart Canada is selling the 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for only $148.99! With the recent release of the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook we can see why the price of the WiFi only price has dropped so […]

TELUS Now Selling The Blackberry Curve 9320

And for some reason, they are charging the most, at $249.99. Remember though, you can get the same Telus branded Curve at Walmart, for $198.83. For more details check it out at the Telus website.

Get The Telus Blackberry Curve 9320 For $198.83 From Walmart

This is the prepaid option, so you if you are in the market for a cheap Blackberry, head down to Walmart. You can’t get this in a Telus store, it is an exclusive deal between Telus and Walmart.

Grab the BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Travel Charger from Walmart for only $19.00!

The US Walmart  has a great buy on the BlackBerry PlayBook rapid travel charger! The rapid travel charger charges up to two times faster than of a standard BlackBerry PlayBook tablet charger!

Finally RIM Confirms What We Already Know, Playbook Reduced To Prices Starting At $199 For 16GB

RIM has compiled a list of retailers that have the Playbook for $199. Right in time for the holidays, you have a number of options on where to purchase it from. Hit the break for the list!

Walmart US Blunders PlayBook Pricing!

As you can see from the image here appears to show the BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB on sale for the low price of $198.00. The pricing has since been changed to $298 for the 16GB ad it did show out of stock but now it apparently is back in stock for $298!. Hit the break for […]

Walmart BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing for $198 for 16GB!

I think we maybe into another firesale, or it could be the holiday special pricings. We have seen in a leaked ad of Staples to be dropping the price of the Blackberry Playbook down to a whopping $199!